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McCormick Launches Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mixes

Korea has invaded the Philippines indeed. Aside from Korean dramas to music, we Filipino are also influenced by Korean food. I have come to appreciate kimbap, samgyupsal, and mandu, but what really became popular is the Korean Fried Chicken.

We have enjoyed Korean Fried Chicken from restaurants like Bon Chon and Clucky's, but we can now enjoy Korean Fried Chicken at home through McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mixes.

I was invited by McCormick (through KC of Spreadsomeawesome) to experience how easy cooking Korean Fried Chicken at its launch at The Cookery Place.

The Cookery Place is a venue for recreational cooking that also caters to private events and cooking lessons. We were divided into small groups for this demo with Chef Min Jun.

Cooking Korean Fried Chicken

 1. Dilute the batter mix in 60 mL water
2. Coat 1/2 kilo of chicken and deep fry
3. Place fried chicken in a container, pour Korean Fried Chicken sauce directly
4. Seal the lid and SHAKE!

our finished product

After the cooking demo, we were served Korean Fried Chicken in 4 flavors: Soy Garlic, Kimchi, Bulgogi, and Spicy.

We were also served Japchae, Kimchi Coleslaw, and Green Tea Cupcake with Red Bean Icing with the chicken.

Japchae and Kimchi Coleslaw
Green Tea Cupcake with Red Bean Icing

I personally like the Soy Garlic flavor, which has the right amount of sweetness. I like Kimchi and Bulgogi too, and Spicy just kicked me in the gut that I needed to drink lots of water.

McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mixes are available at supermarkets and groceries. A pack is good for a half kilo of chicken. Suggested retail price is Php 38.85

Thanks to McCormick for having us.

PS. Kudos to Mark for being a very entertaining host! :)


McCormick Philippines
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The Cookery Place
Unit 2G & H Kensington Place
1st Avenue corner 29th Street
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City
Contact Nos. 8227068,7754161
Facebook Page: The Cookery Place
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  1. hmmmmm.. will give this mixes a try. I'll buy one the next time I go to the grocery.

  2. Now that'll give chicken a new and different taste :)

  3. the food looks so yummy and looks nice! haven't korean tried fried chicken though does it taste different from the ones we always have? xx

    1. Korean Fried Chicken is saucier, usually twice fried to add crunch. :)

  4. korean fried chicken ... mmmm! :)

  5. Such a shame I wasn't able to attend this. I think I'll buy a few packs of the soy garlic fried chicken mix on my next trip to the grocery :)

  6. I hope this is readily available in the grocery. Looking forward to making my own soy garlic friend chicken!

    1. It's already available in the grocery. Hope you'll grab one soon! :)

  7. Koreans really love fried chicken it is everywhere here. We are truly influenced by Koreans in many aspects :)

    1. I agree. :) Hope more Pinoys will appreciate other Korean dishes too. :)

  8. Nice! I prefer mixing my own sauce when I make Korean fried chicken, but this is interesting. I should check it out. :)

  9. hey mich, thanks for cooking and leaving the eating part to me :)

    1. Hahaha! :) The last batch wasn't cooked well. Sorry about that. :\


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