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Singapore Chicken Rice

Note: This restaurant is already closed.  Cubao used to be one of our college hangouts. But during that time, food trip just means Burger King, KFC,  McDonald's , Jollibee , or if we get lucky, Gonuts Donuts and/or Starbucks . Yes, we weren't that adventurous then. It was just timely to try one of the popular foodie places in Cubao, Singapore Chicken Rice. Singapore Chicken Rice was established by Singaporeans who want to share authentic yet inexpensive  Singaporean dishes to Manila. All of their ingredients are sourced from Singapore. The place is a simple fast food restaurant located at the back of Shopwise Cubao. Our little complaint about this place is the temperature. The staff was kind enough to explain that one air conditioning unit was working at that time. 

Quick Lunch at Sushi-Ya

Note: This restaurant is already closed. It's not difficult to convince my friend to have a Japanese lunch, since he adores Japanese food as much I as do. So we tried one of the Japanese restos near the office, Sushi-Ya. Sushi-Ya (or "sushi store" in Japanese) opened 16 years ago by Japanese food fanatics to offer mid-priced dishes on Zen ambiance.

Live Fruitfully with Jamba Juice's Giveaway!

This blog's turning a year old on July 1! To start the celebration, I'll be giving away vouchers courtesy of Jamba Juice Philippines!!!   Gimme 5 for Guimaras! California’s famed lifestyle brand—Jamba Juice—which ushered in the ideals of simplifying healthy lifestyle when it arrived in the Philippines in November 2011, went beyond the exciting and satisfying our palates with its delectably blended smoothies. The brand is fervently working with the Bureau of Plant Industry–Guimaras National Mango Research and Development Center (BPI-GNMRDC) and with the full support of President and CEO of Jamba Juice James D. White, to support the local industry and community livelihood that is rooted in what is arguably the world’s best mango: Guimaras mangoes. “The Philippines is already known for the ferment of some of the best tropical fruits. Jamba Juice, which uses the highest quality of fruits from different countries, is already using our bananas. We are furthering

Alone Times at Seattle's Best Coffee

As much as I love hanging out with friends, I love spending time alone. Two of my favorite "alone time" hangouts are Happy Lemon and Seattle's Best Coffee. Aside from pasta and panini (which I also featured on my previous SBC post ), Seattle's Best Coffee also serves yummy all-day breakfast meals and delectable desserts .

Fely J's Kitchen: Desserts

After our dinner at Seryna, Little Tokyo , the PEx Gluttony Society headed to Fely J's Kitchen for desserts ( coffee , beer, and more). Fely J's Kitchen is one of the restaurants under the LJC Group, which also owns Lorenzo's Way , Cafe Adriatico, Cafe Havana, and other restaurants. Fely J's Kitchen is named after Felicidad de Jesus-Cruz, the mother of the late restaurateur Larry J. Cruz. Fely J's offers Filipino recipes, some of which are Fely J's recipes.

Seryna at Little Tokyo

Foodie friends have been raving about Little Tokyo whenever we talk about Japanese food. Little Tokyo is a complex of Japanese restaurants along Chino Roces Avenue in Makati. When PEx Gluttony Society decided to go Japanese, Little Tokyo comes into mind. So we tried one popular restaurant in the area: Seryna. Seryna was already crowded by the time I arrived. Good thing some people in our group arrived early. (Note to self: always call for reservations). Seryna offers really, really authentic Japanese dishes in either ala carte or in platters. For us to try more, we ordered platters.

Dessert Delights at Dome Cafe

Update: Dome Cafe has been rebranded to Cafe Lyon After our satisfying dinner at Recipes by Cafe Metro , we headed to a cafe with a very relaxing ambiance for dessert (and coffee for me): Dome Cafe. Dome is an international cafe which originated in Australia, with branches in Singapore, Maldives, Malaysia, UAE, and the Philippines. Dome Cafe offers comfort food that we always love.

2012 Book Challenge: May

Bittersweet month. Though I'm aiming to read 4 books last month, I ended up reading three books. I hope I'd get to read 4 books this month. As a continuation of my April post , let me share with you my May books: 15. Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger Elspeth dies and leaves her London apartment to her twin nieces, Julia and Valentina, daughters of her estranged twin sister Edie. The twins settle down at her apartment not knowing that Elspeth's spirit is stuck in the apartment. They begin to discover things when they found out that their aunt's ghost is still here. They will meet their neighbors, Martin, who's wife Marijke left him due to his OCD and Robert, Elspeth's lover. Valentina tries to break away from Julia and is willing to do unthinkable measures to attain it. This is not your typical ghost story as it tackles sibling conflicts, family secrets, acceptance, and self-identity--most especially to twins. Niffenegger's second no

Recipes by Cafe Metro

It was a lazy afternoon but I don't want to go home yet, so I texted friends if they're available for dinner. Fortunately, they are free so we decided to have dinner at Recipes by Cafe Metro . I've read lots of positive reviews about this place that my visit was a little overdue. Recipes by Cafe Metro offers delectable Filipino dishes.

Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles

My colleagues brought me to this place they've been visiting a lot lately: Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles. Kanzhu wasn't crowded by the time we arrived. I've noticed that most of the customers are, well, Chinese.  The kitchen is viewable by the customers that you can watch the staff create noodles from fresh dough. 

Online Tools to Consider When Putting Up Your Own Business

Okay, people, time for a break from all the awesome places and mouth-watering dishes we’ve been featuring since this blog started. Today, I’m going to be introducing three online services that I think might also interest food lovers out there – especially those who might be thinking of putting up a food empire of their own. Ready? Here they are: 1. Depending on who you ask, there are a number of ways to succeed in business. But the common denominator is this: effective communication. Communication can only be effective if everyone in the company is involved – from top management to rank and file. This is the reason behind the emergence of CRM and corporate intranets. Then again, these tools don’t come cheap, and startups may find themselves having trouble affording them.

BRGR: The Burger Project

Note: This restaurant relocated to Malingap Central Food Hall  From our usual  Sambokojin , my college friends and I decided to try other places for our mini-reunions. We decided to meet up at one of the Maginhawa places that I've been wanting to try for the longest time:  BRGR: The Burger Project . BRGR: The Burger Project is known for "create-your-own" burgers. It wasn't a surprise that it was crowded by the time that we arrived, so we settled on sitting in the alfresco area. What's nice about BRGR is that they also have vegan choices for the health-conscious, so it's okay to also bring your health buff friends here. 

Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant

Note: This restaurant is already closed.  I invited a friend for a quick dinner to somewhere Asian (since I was craving for it) and we discovered this place called Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant. This place seems new since I haven't seen this when I last went to Shangri-la Mall a few months ago. Sentosa has impressive light fixtures and relaxing ambiance. The customers are just starting to arrive as my friend and I were seated.

Men in Black 3: Hysterically Funny

After 10 years, Agents J and K are back into action! :)

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Bacolod Chicken Inasal is one of my family's destinations when it comes to Filipino food. Aside from their affordable prices, they have a really extensive menu from snacks, main dishes, and of course, desserts ! My younger siblings require (command or appeal) for dessert. :)