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Zomato's First Quiz Night at 121 Bonifacio Stopover

Here's a secret: I'm a huge nerd. I love reading books and I spend an insurmountable amount of time reading through Wikipedia of whatever comes to mind. That is why I was extremely ecstatic to be invited to the first ever Quiz Night by Zomato. The first ever Zomato Quiz Night was held at 121 Restaurant at Bonifacio Stopover. Unknown to many, 121 Restaurant is the first restobar that organized quiz nights. This concept has since been replicated by other spots around the metro. My fellow Zomato foodies and I were divided into teams and were served drinks and dishes by 121 Restaurant while playing. The game has 8 rounds, with certain advantages that we can use every few rounds like steal and double points. The topic for the evening's game is all about FOOD! On the first few rounds, we shared a bowl of 121 Scandal (Php 199 per glass, Php 799 per bowl) and Lumpiang Shanghai (Php 199 for solo, Php 759 for barkada size). 121 Scandal Lumpiang Shanghai

A ‘Furiously’ Fun Summer with McDonald’s Angry Birds Desserts!

Are you an Angry Birds fan? Get ready because the incredibly popular video game franchise is coming to life in McDonald's! Starting April 25, customers can have a unique summer experience as McDonald’s unleashes the new Angry Bird Desserts. With the upcoming Angry Birds Movie just around the corner, McDonald’s is giving customers the chance to enjoy new, limited-time offers that are inspired by major characters in the Angry Birds franchise.  Red's Cotton Candy McFlurry Three furiously fun treats are up for grabs to satisfy one’s sweet cravings and keep cool during the bright and sunny season.  For those who love McFlurry, enjoy these two new flavors this summer. Go cuckoo with Red’s Cotton Candy McFlurry — creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream drizzled with Cotton Candy flavored syrup and sprinkled with crunchy wafer bits. The classic McFlurry with Oreo gets another spin with Piggies’ Oreo Matcha McFlurry — a delightfully fun vanilla soft serve sprinkled w

Italian and Spanish Fare at Toni & Sergio in Venice Canal Mall

From the people who brought us Parmigiano is a new restaurant that serves not only authentic Italian food but also Spanish favorites: meet Toni & Sergio.   Toni & Sergio is named after two Italian brothers Toni and Sergio Iapino. Toni owns a few restaurants and pubs in Italy while Sergio is a well-known TV director in Italy, Spain, and Argentina. This restaurant is inspired by the brothers' passion for Italian and Spanish cuisine.  We were served both Italian and Spanish dishes to try.  For starters, we had T&S Chicken Wings (Php 285) along with Italian Sodas - I got Green Apple (Php 150) while my friend chose Blueberry Pomegranate (Php 150). T&S Chicken Wings Blueberry Pomegranate and Green Apple Italian Sodas

StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park Eats!

My cousin and I recently went to the most popular food markets in the metro: StrEat, located in one of the main foodie destinations in Manila: Maginhawa Street in Quezon City.  StrEat Maginhawa Food Park has both food trucks and food stalls to satisfy your cravings with just about anything.  Good thing we arrived early because the place gets packed really quickly, especially at night. Here are the few things we had during our visit to StrEat: 1. Great Burgers  (relocated to Makati) This cute little red truck caught my attention, so I ordered their Original Burger (Php 160), topped with cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce.  Original Burger The patty is thick and juicy, and though the toppings were not as premium, it was well-presented and good enough for the price.  2. Schmidt's Hotdogs I have always loved Schmidt's Hotdogs and I was so happy to see their food truck at StrEat. I got my favorite, the Wagamama (Php 130). Wagamam

24/7 Filipino Comfort Food at Maria's

One quiet weekend, my foodie friends and I went to Maria's for lunch. Maria's caters to everyone: families come here during the day while office workers come here at night.  Aside from convenience stores and fast food chains, there isn't a lot of 24/7 restaurants in Ortigas Business District so when I saw Maria's open in the my neighborhood, I was excited to try it. For appetizers, we ordered Salted Egg Ensalada (Php 130) and Crispy Beef Lumpia (Php 190). Salted Egg Ensalada Crispy Beef Lumpia

Buffalo Swing Cafe in Pasig City

Since I moved to Ortigas, it has been more convenient for me to dine at restaurants around my area. However, the search for amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurants is an interest that is always with me, wherever I am.  One weekend, I had lunch with my friends at Buffalo Swing Cafe , a small restaurant located along Dr. Sixto Avenue in Pasig.  Buffalo Swing Cafe started as the homebase of one of the most popular buffalo wings resto in the metro, Red Buffalo Wings & Pizza (located in Eastwood and Gilmore). The spot was renamed to Buffalo Swing to separate itself to Red Buffalo's concept.  Buffalo Swing Cafe shares space with Ingrid's Sweet Haven, a patisserie and baking supplies shop  We have tried a few of their chicken wings and other dishes that they offer.

Calle Preciousa Seafood Dampa Palutuan

I have fond memories of eating at a dampa. Though I seldom eat there, I remember having to choose the fresh seafood to eat and requesting the chef to have it cook the way I like it. For the unfamiliar, Dampa is what people commonly call restaurants with a seafood market and a kitchen where you can request how you want your seafood to be cooked: grilled, fried, with sauces, baked, etc.  I was excited to try this newly-opened dampa located in the middle of Pasig City named Calle Preciousa .  Calle Preciousa is not exactly new to the dampa business, as it used to be named Sophia's Villa Seafood Dampa Palutuan and formerly located along Capt. Javier in Oranbo Pasig City. The change in location inspired them to change to name to complement the Vigan-inspired interiors of the place.  You may opt to dine in the open-air indoor area or in one of the nipa huts in the garden. We were comfortably seated in one of the nipa huts for our dinner. 

Soak Up in 7 Days of All-Out Summer Excitement with the Best-Value ASUS ZenFone Go Smartphones

Get ready to make an even bigger splash anytime, anywhere you go this season, with these two hot shot variants of ASUS’ budget-friendly smartphone: the new ZenFone Go 4.5 and the ZenFone Go 5! This scorching season, whether it is roughing it up for an outdoor adventure, or simply having a relaxing time at home, ASUS Philippines gives your more than enough reasons to enjoy the summer season without the worry of overspending and cutting down on the fun, with its two summer-ready ZenFone Go variants: starting with the existing ZenFone Go 5 (ZC500TG) , and it latest smartphone offering, the new ZenFone Go 4.5 (ZB452KG)! “With the new ZenFone Go 4.5 and the existing crowd-favorite ZenFone Go 5, this new line-up of the ASUS ZenFone Go smartphones really invites users to take a break from their daily regular grind, change to their flip-flops, and ignite the wanderlust they have always had from within,” explains ASUS Philippines Smartphone Product Manager Lenny Lin.   These

Make Summer Hotter with MySlim Slimming Capsules and Yerba Mate Drink!

Summer is officially here!  It's time for beach trips, swimming parties and sun bathing. And because of that, a bikini-ready body is in order. Aside from diet and exercise, I recommend to you my most reliable partners in losing excess weight and control your cravings: MySlim Yerba Mate Drink and Slimming Capsules .  MySlim Yerba Mate Drink is mainly made up of Yerba Mate, a plant commonly found in South American countries. Yerba is popular in the South America to suppress appetite and helps with the weight loss. Drinking Yerba also helps improve mood, increase energy and improve sleep.  However, Yerba is known to be bitter, hence the added strawberry flavor and Palatinose to make it sweeter but still sugar-free.  MySlim Yerba Mate Drink 's active ingredients are 250mg Finomate EFLA 920, which helps in weight loss (appetite suppressant, reduces resorption of fat and increases fat burning) and activity (improves physical and mental performance and

Shop and Get Your Cash Back with!

Like any consumer, I love discounts and any form of cash back. As a frequent traveler,  is an awesome discovery as I can get as much as 22% cashback on flights, hotel vouchers, car rentals, tour packages and many more. earns commission from every purchase made from merchants from their site. And as a reward, Shopback gives part of its commission back to you as a shopper. Cool, right? :) Here's how Shopback works: 1. Sign up at 2. Select the Category you want to shop to. For me, I selected the Travel category to see what travel discounts and cashback ShopBack can offer me. 3. Select the merchant you are booking a flight or hotel on. You can plan almost your whole trip with Shopback and get savings too. For flights, you can get 1% cashback from Expedia and other individual airlines. For hotels and accommodations, you can get 4.0% cashback from , Php 600 cashback from , and many

Kumori: Japan Baked Fresh Daily on Zomato Delivery...Soon!

Kumori Philippines is one of my favorite bakeries in the metro. I'm addicted to their Signature Hanjuku Cheese and I really love their Cottage Cheese and Toyohashi Pudding.  The awesome people of Kumori has recently sent me their newest breads that the boyfie and I both enjoyed: We had loaves of Cranberry Yuzu (Php 78) and Ciabatta (Php 48), and we also had Apple Cheese Danish (Php 59) and Custard Butter Bun (Php 45). We enjoyed Ciabatta with peanut butter and coco jam, while the fruity Cranberry Yuzu is best enjoyed by itself. 

Parmigiano Starts Anew With Better Look and Better Dishes

It always excites me to discover places that serve authentic Italian food. Though the cuisine is popular, there are only a few restaurants that fill the void. One of those places that serve genuine Italian dishes is Parmigiano in Resorts World Manila.  Parmigiano has been open for at least five years but has recently changed management. This change also involved an huge improvement with the interiors to a more casual look and major changes with the menu, under the management of Filipino-Italian Giulius Iapino.  For starters, we had a bowl of Pumpkin Soup (Php 250 for single, Php 370 for sharing). Pumpkin Soup The Pumpkin Soup is mild, creamy, and a bit sweet. It is something you'd love to have piping hot even in this hot weather.  For pasta, we were served the Lasagna 5 Cheese (Php 590) and Spaghetti al Granchio (Php 490). Lasagna 5 Cheese

Holiday Inn Sukhumvit in Bangkok

Our home base for our last few days in Thailand was Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 in Bangkok.  Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 is strategically located along one of the major roads in Bangkok. It is located between BTS stations Asok (E4) and Phrong Phong (E5), and near Terminal21 and EmQuartier Malls.  Coming straight from Don Mueang, we rode an uber to this hotel located in the middle of Bangkok. Our check-in took a while. To cut things short, we were upgraded to an Executive King Room. :) Our room has a king size bed with firm and soft pillows, a small couch, flat screen television, a work table, and personal fridge. 

All Powered Up At Megawatt in Gilmore Quezon City

Note: This location is already closed.  It is not uncommon to visit restaurants encouraging customers to be more conscious with the use of electricity, like lessening the use of hand dryers, turning the light switches off when not in use, and many more. However, it is only recently that I have visited a place that takes energy-saving to the next level by using solar panels for their resto.  Introducing Megawatt in Gilmore Quezon City.  Megawatt, the brainchild of the same people behind Red Baron Ribs & Steaks , offers mainly Tex Mex dishes along with a few Filipino favorites.  Located on top of a carwash, Megawatt has an industrial theme to it, with sneakers, superheroes, and sports watches on display.  For Warm-Ups, we had the Nacho-Rizo (Php 158) and the Megawatt Platter (Php 289). Nacho-Rizo Megawatt Platter I love that the Nacho-Rizo is extremely cheesy and the housemade nachos are really crunchy but what I really liked was the Megawa

Mandala Park Weekend Market Finds

I was invited last March 19 to the 6th Mandala Park Weekend Market.   Mandala Park Weekend Market is a monthly market that promotes local culinary scene by showcasing well-crafted Filipino produce. An addition is the green open space where kids to do their fun activities safely.  Here are some of the food brands I have tried and seen during my visit to the 6th Mandala Park Weekend Market.  1. PuNta Mandala A restaurant located in Mandala Park, PuNta Mandala serves a good variety of snacks at the weekend market. I sampled the 8-Spice Patatas Fritas (Php 125), a menu item served exclusively during the Mandala Park Weekend Market.  8-Spice Patatas Fritas I honestly didn't expect, but I was blown away with the flavors from the 8-Spice Patatas Fritas. It is sweet, tangy and salty at the same time. I love the dip too. I can't wait to try and visit their restaurant soon.