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Italian and Spanish Fare at Toni & Sergio in Venice Canal Mall

From the people who brought us Parmigiano is a new restaurant that serves not only authentic Italian food but also Spanish favorites: meet Toni & Sergio. 

Toni & Sergio is named after two Italian brothers Toni and Sergio Iapino. Toni owns a few restaurants and pubs in Italy while Sergio is a well-known TV director in Italy, Spain, and Argentina. This restaurant is inspired by the brothers' passion for Italian and Spanish cuisine. 

We were served both Italian and Spanish dishes to try. 

For starters, we had T&S Chicken Wings (Php 285) along with Italian Sodas - I got Green Apple (Php 150) while my friend chose Blueberry Pomegranate (Php 150).

T&S Chicken Wings
Blueberry Pomegranate and Green Apple Italian Sodas

T&S Chicken Wings is marinated for 24 hours with spicy aioli bleu cheese and served with coleslaw on the side. I loved that the chicken wings are thoroughly flavorful and the heat was not overwhelming. It is a dish you'd want to eat with your hands. I assure you that you won't regret getting your hands dirty with this. There are not a lot of Italian restos offering Italian soda, a carbonated drink with flavored syrup. I loved that Toni & Sergio thought of serving it here, as Filipinos prefer to drink something cold and sweet. 

For pizzas, we were served the 5 Cheese (Php 380) and the Pizza Gamberetti con Rucola (Php 380).

5 Cheese
Pizza Gamberetti con Rucola
The 5 Cheese Pizza is gorgonzola, mozzarella, pecorino, parmigiano, and scamorza on white sauce. Each slice is heavily topped with cheeses that I really think Whoever thought of making the 5 Cheese Pizza is a real genius. You can also have this pizza on red sauce, which I would love to try on my next visit. 

Another well-executed pizza is the Gamberetti con Rucola, topped with arugula, mozzarella, shrimp, and tomato sauce. The flavors are fresh, simple yet delicious. 

We also got to try one of their paellas: the Paella Nero con Frito Misto (Php 445).

Paella Nero con Frito Misto

Paella Nero is black ink paella with calamari and fried shrimp. The dish looks kinda bare when you look at it, but the shrimp and calamari were mixed in the paella, camouflaged by the black ink. 

For desserts, we shared Pannacotta (Php 250) and Tiramisu (Php 260). I also ordered a cup of Toni & Sergio Blend Coffee (Php 100) to pair with the desserts. 


I love the creaminess of the Pannacotta that I couldn't help getting more spoonfuls of it. The Tiramisu is also equally exceptional but I liked the Pannacotta more. 

Toni and Sergio Blend

Though the beans used for the blend wasn't disclosed, I was impressed with the Toni & Sergio Blend, served with warm milk on the side. It is indeed impressive how Italians make their coffee. 

Overall, my friends and I had a lovely conversation over amazing food and drinks at Toni & Sergio. This place is highly recommended to friends and family who love well-prepared Italian and Spanish food at reasonable prices. I can't wait to bring my friends here soon. :)

Thanks to Guilius Iapino and Dondon Manuson for having us. 


Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano
Ground Floor, 
Venice Grand Canal Mall, 
Upper McKinley Road,
Fort Bonifacio,
Taguig City
Twitter: @toniandsergio 


  1. I went back and ordered their chicken wings and pannacotta again! Hahaha... The food here is really delicious and I love it that it's close to where I live.

    1. I'll go back here with my friends soon. I want to have the 5 Cheese Pizza again. :) And the coffee!

  2. the next three dishes id like try in Toni & Sergio:
    osso bucco alla toni & sergio
    bistecca alla toni & sergio
    pork ribs bbq

    Comment with your name and email address
    jane magsaysay -


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