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Baked Not Fried: Pan de Manila's Pan de Donuts

I'm a huge fan of breakfast, and it follows that I love pan de sal and all things you can eat or drink with pan de sal. That's why I love Pan de Manila. I'm crazy about their Cheese Pesto, Cheese Pan de Sal, and the Classic Pan de Sal with Pan de Manila Garlic Butter Spread or Peanut Butter. I'm also in love with their Cafe con Leche, Chocolate con Leche and Chocolate Blanco. Pan de Manila is indeed every breakfast lover's heaven. 

I was invited by the good guys behind Pan de Manila to try their newest product: the Pan de Donut!

Pan de Donut is a combination of pan de sal and doughnuts. A surprisingly healthy alternative to heavily oily and sugar doughnuts, Pan de Donuts are not only baked, but it is also bromate-free and trans-fat free. 

Pan de Donuts has 16 flavors, mostly Filipino-inspired flavors that you will surely love. 

Clockwise from left: Snow Kisses, Berrylicious, La Dulce Vita, Piling Pili, Nippynips and Cookie Crema
Clockwise from left: Strawberry Shortcake, La Dulce Vita, Ubelicious and Chocnut Crumble
Piling Pili, Marbles, Chocomonds, Chunky Cookies, and Polvoron Crumbles

Other flavors are Chocolate Hills, Cocojammers, and Nutty Crunch

As part of the program, we were also given a chance to design our own Pan de Donuts. 

Here is the Pan de Donuts I designed:

I call this "Half and Half", dipped in white Belgian chocolate, then topped with almonds and chocnut. 

I named the second one "Black and White", dipped in white Belgian chocolate with premium chocolate swirls then topped with cookie crumbles and pinipig. Not too shabby, eh? 

The Pan de Donuts are currently available in Pan de Manila Fiesta Market Market and Telus Cubao branches, but will soon be available in selected Pan de Manila stores in the metro.

Price List:

1 pc - Php 38

Box of 2 pcs - Php 80 
Box of 4 pcs - Php 140
Box of 6 pcs - Php 180
Box of 12 pcs - Php 320

Thanks to Pan de Manila for having us.


Pan de Manila
(in front of Serendra)
Space FFV 47
Fiesta Market Market,
Taguig City


  1. This is genius! I just got hooked to the donut craze and I always feel guilty after eating one. This is definitely a welcome alternative.

  2. They only sell these in one branch?

    1. For now, Pan De Donuts are only available at their Market Market branch, but it'll be available in selected Pan de Manila branches soon. :)

  3. Now this is really interesting! We can all enjoy doughnuts without worrying much about the oil. Haha! Nice find Michy!

  4. I wanted to try their pan de donuts too! :D Im hoping that they'll have them here in Batangas :D

    from Myxilog with love <3

  5. Want to try it... Meron kaya sa VXI branch nila? o3o

    1. Pan de Donuts are currently available in Market Market branch only. Will keep you posted for updates. :)

  6. Can't wait till they sell it in other branches. That La Dulce looks so delicious!

  7. kakatry ko lnag nito ngayon kaya napasearch ako. And luckily, ito yung unang page na may review.

    nung una, parang xoxo lang, kung baga "trying hard"
    pero nung kumakain ako, sobrang lambot ng doughnut mismo
    parang Jco... promise, wlanag pagkakaiba

    1. Thank you for dropping by my blog, Rene! Glad you liked Pan de Donuts. :)


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