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Early Bird Breakfast Club

Note: This location is already closed.  Breakfast is always a good idea, at any hour of the day, that is. I was so happy to finally cross out Early Bird Breakfast Club on my must-try list. After all, I'm a huge fan of breakfast food. :) I was impressed with the cute cottage-like interiors, even the staff was dressed as daintily as the decors. When I arrived, I thought my friend was reading a newspaper, turns out it was their menu. Creative indeed. 

The Australian Grocer at Rustan’s Supermarket

Rustan’s Supermarket starts 2015 by profiling its high quality range of Australian food and beverage products in The Australian Grocer , an Australian festival which will run from January 9 to February 1.  Australian products are subject to high quality standards and are ‘Clean, Green and Safe’. Australian food and beverage are ‘Clean’ because Australia has a pristine growing environment, which ensures only the freshest and best quality items are produced.  ‘Green’ because Australian companies use growing and production processes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. ‘Safe’ because Australia’s food production processes have high levels of regulatory supervision and strict quality standards; there are food safety management and traceability systems  in place.  

Quick Review: Uncle Cheffy's

Note: This restaurant is already closed.  It's been a while since I first visited Uncle Cheffy's in SM Megamall. Formerly named Chef's Quarter , it was reasonable that they rebranded to their more popular restaurant name. In fact, since the rebranding, the entire menu and interiors haven't changed.  A friend and I had dinner recently and shared a medium Seafood Lovers Brick-Oven Panizza (Php 220). Seafood Lovers Panizza

The Lunchbox Diet Experiment

Days of holiday binge had me gaining a few pounds, so I decided that it was the best time to try this diet delivery service, Lunchbox Diet .  Lunchbox Diet is a food delivery service that prepares low-calorie healthy meals and delivers them to your doorstep for 5 days a week.  I'd be sharing my 8-day experience of Lunchbox Diet: 5 days 1200-calorie diet and 3 days 1800-calorie diet. Ordering, Pricing, and Payment I confirmed my orders a week prior to the delivery dates by filling out their order form. Lunchbox Diet will send you a text message to confirm your order and will provide you the payment details. You can pay via BDO or BPI (I paid via BPI), then send them via email your proof of transaction.  Prices for the 1200-calorie diet is Php 1700 and the 1800-calorie diet is Php 2300 (but I only paid Php 1380 for 3 days, because it was the week of the papal visit). Special requests are also accommodated and are subject to additional costs.  The 1200

Cupcakes by Sonja

Note: This location is already closed.  After a feast in Kimukatsu , my friends and I searched for a place for a nightcap. We ended up at Cupcakes by Sonja , also located at the Shangri-la Plaza East Wing. I love the artsy touch on the interiors and on the chairs, even the plant pots are from used baking ingredients.  Impressively, the staff was very welcoming though the shop was about to close. We were given ample time to think of what we're going to have.

Birthday Dinner at Tampopo

Note: This location is already closed.  I celebrated my birthday weekend eating food that I enjoy eating the most: Japanese food. To end my birthday weekend, my friends and I had dinner at the newly-opened restaurant in Bonifacio High Street Central: Tampopo. Tampopo is an international brand from Singapore, serving authentic Japanese ramen and katsu.  We were supposed to have Deluxe Tampopo Black Pig Shabu Ramen , but unfortunately, Kyushu Ramen wasn't available when we visited. We settled with Sapporo Ramen instead.  We ordered Deluxe Hakodate Ramen (Php 440) and Sapporo Negi Chili Miso Ramen (Php 440). Deluxe Hakodate Ramen Sapporo Negi Chili Miso Ramen

Alqueria Restaurante Y Chocolateria

Note: This restaurant is already closed.  I haven't seen my ramen ninja friend Dex for so long, and I was glad to be reunited with him for a quick lunch. We decided to try Alqueria this time.  Alqueria, formerly known as Boqueria (the name change was a business decision, I think feng shui), is a Spanish concept restaurant by the SumoSam Group with modern takes on traditional favorites like tapas, paella, and churros.

Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine, Revisited

I went back to Dekada more than a month ago to have dinner with college friends. Since I have tried their Family Fiesta Platter the last time I visited , we went ala carte this time.  For veggies, we ordered Kempeitai or Gising Gising (Php 168). Kempeitai I requested for this dish because it's my favorite veggie dish. I wasn't disappointed with the amount of heat Dekada put in their Gising-Gising. I had to add more rice to tame the heat down. 

Slappy Cakes

Note: This restaurant is already closed.  As part of my birthday weekend last November, I brought my younger siblings to a place I know we'd all enjoy: Slappy Cakes ! Slappy Cakes is an American breakfast place that originated in Portland, Oregon with international branches in Tokyo and Manila. The place is known for built-in griddles on each table so the customers can design and cook their pancakes.  The kids were so excited to try this for the longest time. So am I. :) We shared a bottle of Chocolate Pancake Batter (Php 260), with add-ons of Bananas (Php 45) and Chocolate Chips (Php 45).  I let the kids have their way of making pancakes. 

Kimukatsu, Revisited

I celebrated my birthday last November in a way I know best: through lots of eating! :) First celebration is a dinner with college friends in the katsu place I have always wanted to bring my friends for quite a long time: Kimukatsu .  And because we simply have huge appetites, we decided to take on the 7-Flavor Kimukatsu Set (yeaahhhh....!!!!) Kimukatsu is a katsu restaurant from Japan specializing in 25-layer, mille-feuille style tonkatsu.  I have always admired Kimukatsu as a whole -- from the interiors (look at the lights), the artsy chairs, the ceramics to the food. 

Marikina Food Trip: Cookie Mug Snack Lounge

Note: This restaurant is already closed.  Our last stop for our Marikina food trip at the Cookie Mug Snack Lounge , one of the newest and fast-rising hang-out in the area.  This place is becoming popular because of its unique product, the Cookie Mug !  Cookie Mug is a cookie shaped into a mug so you can pour milk (or chocolate milk) into it. It's an innovative way to enjoy cookies and milk at the same time. This concept is inspired by cookie shot glasses by Chef Dominique Ansel, the same guy who invented Cronuts.  Cookie Mugs are available in three sizes: small (Php 48), medium (Php 78), and large (Php 108). 

Ramen Nagi

Late-night cravings took us to finally give Ramen Nagi a try. I was curious about this place for quite a long time, and that evening was just perfect. Alas! It was not-so-crowded. Lucky us. :) We were seated as soon as we arrived. Not long after, we were greeted by our server, Jam, who was quite helpful in orienting us on how to order ramen.  It was nice that he really knows how to describe each component in the menu checklist. 

Exploring Thailand's Street Food

As a foodie traveler, I intend to make a game plan on where to eat in places where I travel to. For Thailand, the game plan was simple: eat as much street food as I can. I expected to be impressed, but Thailand gave me more than that: I was simply blown away.  That is why I had to devote a single post to all the street food we have tried throughout our stay.  Our first taste of Thai street food was in the Sathorn area, where we rented a private room via Airbnb. We bought Shrimp Fried Rice (40 Baht or Php 54) and Thai Iced Coffee (17 Baht or Php 23). preparing our breakfast -- street style! Thai Shrimp Fried Rice Thai Iced Coffee -- the best!

Osaka Ohsho's New Gyoza Flavors

I went on a lunch date with my workmates at one of our favorite restaurants in Mega Fashion Hall, Osaka Ohsho.  Osaka Ohsho recently launched new gyoza flavors, which we were excited to try, along with our favorite dishes.  We started with Osaka Ohsho Salad (Php 195 for half order, Php 330 full order) and some drinks: Matcha Milk Smoothie (Php 125) and Fresh Mango Yakult (Php 125). Osaka Ohsho Salad Matcha Milk Smoothie Fresh Mango Yakult Never miss out on the Osaka Ohsho Salad. I always grab Fresh Mango Yakult as my drink of choice whenever I visit Osaka Ohsho. 

Marikina Food Trip: Udderly Delicious Milkshakes & Desserts

Note: This shop is already closed.  The third stop in our Marikina food trip was Udderly Delicious Milkshakes & Desserts , located along Lilac Street. I love milkshakes, so there's no way I would miss this place. There are 3 easy steps in ordering a milkshake at Udderly: 1. Choose your base Soft Serve Ice Cream - Php 85 Yogurt - Php 105 Premium Ice Cream - Php 105