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Exploring Thailand's Street Food

As a foodie traveler, I intend to make a game plan on where to eat in places where I travel to. For Thailand, the game plan was simple: eat as much street food as I can. I expected to be impressed, but Thailand gave me more than that: I was simply blown away. 

That is why I had to devote a single post to all the street food we have tried throughout our stay. 

Our first taste of Thai street food was in the Sathorn area, where we rented a private room via Airbnb. We bought Shrimp Fried Rice (40 Baht or Php 54) and Thai Iced Coffee (17 Baht or Php 23).

preparing our breakfast -- street style!

Thai Shrimp Fried Rice

Thai Iced Coffee -- the best!

The lady generously added shrimps in our fried rice, and it was heavenly. The same goes for my first Thai Iced Coffee, which brought tears to my eyes (not exaggerating, it was THAT delicious). It was only unfortunate that these stalls don't have a permanent location, we weren't able to hunt them the next day. 

Our next meal was in front of Tha Thien Pier (N9), near Wat Pho, where we had our late lunch. We each had a Shrimp Pad Thai (60 Baht or Php 81) and bought Sticky Rice with Mango (50 Baht or Php 68) in the nearby store.

Shrimp Pad Thai
Sticky Rice with Mango

The pad thai was satisfactory, but I knew I would find a better one somewhere else. The owner, however, was very friendly though he barely spoke English. I loved the Sticky Rice with Mango, but I have eaten sweeter mangoes a lot of times before (I'm biased with Philippine mangoes, I know). 

The best pad thai I had was in Chatuchak Market, where we had dinner the next day. 

inside the Chatuchak food market

It was a brilliant idea to wolf down a huge meal after walking around the whole day. From one of the stalls, we had Seafood Pad Thai (60 Baht or Php 82) and Chicken Basil Rice (60 Baht or Php 82). 

Seafood Pad Thai
Chicken Basil Rice

I scurried for a dose of Thai Iced Coffee but found none, so I settled with a dessert. 

Coconut Ice Cream

And this Coconut Ice Cream (40 Baht or Php 54) saves the day!

Our flight to Chiang Mai was early in the morning, but we managed to buy some food at a stall along the street where we stayed. 

morning takeaway to the airport

A piece of chicken barbecue for 15 Baht (Php 20) and sticky rice for 5 Baht (Php 7). Not bad for goodbye in Bangkok.

Our itinerary in Chiang Mai didn't give us enough leeway to try the street food, either we are too full to still eat or we have a schedule to chase. 

However, it is in Chiang Mai where I found the best-tasting Thai Iced Coffee the entire trip. 

look at the cute takeaway handle :)

Located inside the Warorot Market, I never knew what the name of the stall is, but they have the nicest-looking takeaway handle. 

A week's stay wasn't enough to explore the whole Thai cuisine, yet it made me admire their food more than ever. More than the kindness of strangers and the peaceful environment (even on martial law), Thailand is admirable for keeping their culture alive through food. As of this writing, I'm still dreaming of their Iced Coffee.

Other food finds in Thailand:

Note: 1 Baht = Php 1.36


  1. Ang mura ng food! I wish I could even imagine how the Thai iced coffee tastes like - have you tried making it? Baka kaya i-replicate ang taste :)

    This made me want to go to Thailand! :)

    1. Haven't nga eh kasi they have this brewing technique. haha. Tara try natin sa Thai resto dito. hehehe

  2. Love this! It's like all-you-can-eat pad thai in different kinds. =)

    1. Yes, I had Pad Thai everyday there because it's too expensive here. hahaha. :)

  3. You're a true blue foodie, trying authentic Thai food on the street, that's how it's supposed to be done. I am half-hearted about Thai food though, I'm not sure if I mentioned this to you before. But I tried Som's in Rockwell and I wasn't too happy about. It was uncomfortable for me to eat viand that are sweet, But maybe I should give it another chance, maybe when I go to Thailand haha...

    1. Authentic Thai food is mostly spicy, but can be tamed by adding sugar. I can survive there, actually. haha. :)


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