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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

It was almost a year and a half before the 4th part of the Twilight Saga came out. As a self-confessed Twilight fan , I did not miss watching this movie. And I think this was the best Twilight movie so far. The movie starts with the Bella-Edward wedding up to the birth of Renesmee, the half-vampire child. I loved that the movie followed the book. The whole surreal Anne of Green Gables-like wedding was wonderful. The werewolf scenes always make me excited, and it hasn't failed in making my heart jump. I liked the scene where Jacob fought his right as an Alpha from Sam Uley. I was expecting for a particular line from the book but I think those people who hadn't read the book might not understand. Isle Esme was the best! and it was really shot in Brazil, which was another plus for me. Bella's pregnant look was very convincing, I got scared myself too. I understand that there were fight scenes added to the movie for cinematic reasons, but it didn't affect the whole story.

Are You a Blogger?

Do you want to know other bloggers? Do you want to read other interesting blogs? Then join the BC Bloggers 3 ! Just click on the picture below: then click on the " Join BC Bloggers Here " link for other instructions. Applications will be accepted until December 15, 2011. :)

Silya't Sili

Note: As of January 14, 2013, Silya't Sili has closed the resto and is now an art gallery and furniture room.    The PEx food club strikes again to try this art gallery/furniture shop/restaurant called Silya't Sili. Silya't Sili is located in a semi-obscure White Plains area. It offers mainly traditional Filipino dishes that we always love. Though named as such, its dishes aren't really spicy, which got me relieved since I'm not into spicy food. Since it's an art gallery, beautiful paintings are posted on every space available. One particular painting (the painting of a woman) caught my attention; we were told it costs around Php 160,000, much to my surprise. True enough, there is an exhibit of beautiful chairs in the dining area, which are also for sale. It was everyone's first time in the restaurant so we just fired away our orders. While waiting for others to arrive, I ordered Fried Spring Rolls (Php 65). Fried Spring Rolls Fried Spri

The French Baker

After strolling around the mall with my friend, we ended up at The French Baker for a quick dinner. I haven't been to The French Baker for quite a while, what I remember was I used to eat lasagna whenever I go there. For this visit, we still had pasta, haha. I ordered Lasagna Verde (Php 158). Lasagna Verde Lasagna Verde is vegetarian spinach lasagna stuffed with layers of mozzarella and roasted vegetables in tomato sauce and sided with grilled focaccia slices or French garlic toast. I think my pasta was a bit burnt on the side but it was fine. I was happy that I chose to have the vegetarian lasagna since I'm not eating enough veggies lately. The serving was a bit small, in my opinion. My friend ordered Fettuccini alla Carbonara (Php 140). Fettucini alla Carbonara Fettucini alla Carbonara is the traditional white sauce with your choice of white or green spinach pasta. The serving seems small on the large plate. There was nothing unique with the carbonara,

Lunti Eco Products Fair

Our advocacy club, Lunti just had its last major event for this year, the Lunti Eco Products Fair. This project is under the Products & Merchandise Committee, which I'm co-heading with Karissa. :) This is the first time we had this fair, which featured eco friendly Filipino brands. I'm very happy that the event was a success. I hope we could do a bigger eco fair next year. Here are the products I bought during the fair: Here is my shopping bag which I bought from EcoSack (Php 250). It also includes two button pins. I bought one Chocolate Chip Cookie (with cacao nibs, walnuts & muscovado) (Php 45), one canister of Monkey Bar Cereal Crunch Bar (Php 180) and Assorted Cereal Crunch Bar (Php 255) from The Muesli-Granola Bakeshop. As of this writing, the monkey bars are gone and I still have the assorted ones for the weekend. :) It's one healthy snack you should try. I also got a travel set from Leyende which contains a shampoo, conditioner and lip balm. E

It's My Birthday! (Part 2)

This blog post is for my Indra friends, college friends, blogger friends, foodie-mates, FB friends, HS friends, grade school friends, Northies, my dearest, and family for greeting me on my birthday.  Thanks to Rhoda and Jeo for the fb video (two of them singing "Rolling in the Deep") and FB pictures. I really appreciate the effort! Thanks to those people who were in the pictures as well. :) my cutie birthday cake Thanks to Valiant and Alex for my personal cake from Mary Grace. I super love the surprise! :) Birthday Wish No. 5 --done! I'm not sure whether my friends read my blog post , but I was really touched that they gave me gifts I wanted. Hihi. Thanks to Niki for the Red Mango GCs, I'm very tempted to use it soon! Birthday Wish No. 7 --done! I wasn't able to include the candle, but thanks to Nico for this cutie doughnut from Krispy Kreme! :) Thanks to Yannik for these seaweed snacks from your Korean trip. :) Yep yep yep! I got it

It's My Birthday!

It's my 23rd birthday! :) Will share with you soon the greetings , the surprises and of course, the food trips ! :D

Manang's Chicken (again)

Note: This restaurant is already closed.  It's been four months since I've posted about Manang's Chicken . From a single branch in Ortigas, it now has four branches.  Manang's Chicken has always been one of my lunch destinations, though I usually end up taking out my meal because the place is usually full. It wasn't so surprising since the chicken was soooo addicting! I ordered 4 pieces Wings only meal (Php 129, Php 99 for solo). You can choose from Original, Mild Spicy, and Extra Spicy. I always prefer the Original since I have a low tolerance for spicy food. 4 pieces Original Wings The chicken was so crunchy and so delicious that I could even taste the sauce inside. I tried to eat my meal with utensils but I just started to dig in using my hands. Thank God for tissues! However, they were still using styro for this branch. Hmm. can't help using my hands! haha! I would always recommend Manang's Chicken to my friends as I've always

Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders

I would usually trek to Jollibee whenever I'm craving for fried chicken. Though I tried the Hash Brown Burger , I'm loyal to Chickenjoy. I've seen the TV ad for the Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders but it wasn't enticing enough. However, my friend insisted that we go to Jollibee for lunch since she wants to try this new Jollibee dish so I tried it too.  Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders is Php 65 for ala carte and Php 81 with drinks. It is served with a special sauce (which I thought was just soy sauce) and calamansi. Jollibee Grilled Pork Tenders Jollibee did a great job in this dish. The pork was really tender and juicy. However, it might be too sweet for some people. It would have been better if the pork was a bit leaner. Overall, it exceeded my expectations. Good news to the ice cream lovers (like me!): Jollibee Chocolate Sundae is now Php 25 from Php 28. I think it's a good move since McDonald's Sundae is Php 25. Chocolate Sundae!  Good job to J