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Early Bird Breakfast Club

Note: This location is already closed. 

Breakfast is always a good idea, at any hour of the day, that is. I was so happy to finally cross out Early Bird Breakfast Club on my must-try list. After all, I'm a huge fan of breakfast food. :)

I was impressed with the cute cottage-like interiors, even the staff was dressed as daintily as the decors. When I arrived, I thought my friend was reading a newspaper, turns out it was their menu. Creative indeed. 

Both hearty eaters, my friend and I opted for the Breakfast of Champions: I ordered the Tenderloin Tapa (Php 395), while my friend KC had Lemon Butter Bangus (Php 325).

Tenderloin Tapa
Lemon Butter Bangus

Tenderloin Tapa is served with breakfast rice and egg, like your typical tapsilog on steroids. The beef was very tender and the marinade played well with my tastebuds. I was overwhelmed by how huge my order as well. Lemon Butter Bangus is pan-seared bangus fillets with garlic lemon butter relish with breakfast rice and poached egg. I got to try this dish as well and I liked the lemon butter sauce that comes with it. 

For drinks, I didn't miss out on their popular Nutella Hot Chocolate (Php 145), while my friend settled with Hazelnut Latte (Php 120). Their coffee is by Craft Coffee Revolution and is also available in decaf. 

Nutella Hot Chocolate
Hazelnut Latte

Anyone who loves Nutella should try the Nutella Hot Chocolate, however, you must mix the drink as you go or better yet, chug it like any decent Nutella addict would. ;)

Early Bird Breakfast Club may be expensive as usual for breakfast food, but I think it is worth visiting. The dishes were well-presented (and delicious), and the service was impeccable. I see myself going back and try other breakfast dishes like the Katcino and the French Toast Fondue. 


Early Bird Breakfast Club
Ground Floor,
Eastwood Mall,
Libis, Quezon City

Other locations are The Fort Strip and Century City Mall


  1. Wow the place looks great. I'm loving their colors. And the food looks amazing!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dude!!! ... I couldn't edit my post.. anyway... I did liked it when they started out.. although it seems they need more spunk ... hmmmm...

    2. Well, I would love to see them add more to their current menu. :)

  3. I love the interiors and the presentation of their food. Might give this a try soon since this is just in Libis. =)

  4. I love their S'mores in a Jar! :)

  5. I love Early Bird's food! I was there yesterday lang. Super love their food! Plus the servings are big pa :D

  6. I love breakfast food all day. I have yet to try this and I wish they open more branches near my place.


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