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All Powered Up At Megawatt in Gilmore Quezon City

Note: This location is already closed. 

It is not uncommon to visit restaurants encouraging customers to be more conscious with the use of electricity, like lessening the use of hand dryers, turning the light switches off when not in use, and many more. However, it is only recently that I have visited a place that takes energy-saving to the next level by using solar panels for their resto. 

Introducing Megawatt in Gilmore Quezon City. 

Megawatt, the brainchild of the same people behind Red Baron Ribs & Steaks, offers mainly Tex Mex dishes along with a few Filipino favorites. 

Located on top of a carwash, Megawatt has an industrial theme to it, with sneakers, superheroes, and sports watches on display. 

For Warm-Ups, we had the Nacho-Rizo (Php 158) and the Megawatt Platter (Php 289).

Megawatt Platter

I love that the Nacho-Rizo is extremely cheesy and the housemade nachos are really crunchy but what I really liked was the Megawatt Platter, with Crispy Fries, Chicken Pops, Mozzarella Tots, and OHM-nion Rings. 

We also had their only pasta dish, and it's not an ordinary pasta that you usually eat, because it's Fried Lasagna (Php 178).

Fried Lasagna

The Fried Lasagna is crispy on the outside, but chewy and cheesy on the inside, and served with more sauce and cheese. You shouldn't miss this when you visit Megawatt. 

We also sampled some of their burritos: the Vegan Pesto (Php 185), Breakfast Longganisa (Php 208), Szechuan Seafood Garlic (Php 235) and the 29karat Surf & Turf Burrito (Php 819).

Vegan Pesto
Breakfast Longganisa
Szechuan Seafood Garlic
29karat Surf & Turf

The one burrito that got my attention is the 29karat Surf & Turf Burrito, which is filled with Meltique steak and sprinkled with edible gold cream and served with foie gras on the side. It is surely one burrito you would want to try. 

Megawatt also serves delicious pizzas, in hand-tossed or crispy thin crust. 

For the Hand-Tossed Pizzas, we tried the Viva Fiesta (Php 345) and the Bleu Chicken Roadhouse (Php 365).

Viva Fiesta
Bleu Chicken Roadhouse

The Viva Fiesta is Filipino-inspired, with salted egg, bangus sisig, tomato, and onions toppings while Bleu Chicken Roadhouse is leaning on the Western side with gorgonzola, buffalo chicken and mushrooms. 

Personally, I got more excited about the Crispy Thin Pizzas. We had the Pineapple Express (Php 285), Pepperoni (Php 299), Cheese Cheese Cheese (Php 315), and the Megawatt Ultra Premium Pizza (Php 895).

Pineapple Express
Cheese Cheese Cheese
Megawatt Ultra Premium Pizza

I am always partial with anything cheesy, that's why I really loved the Cheese Cheese Cheese which has five kinds of cheese: feta, sharp cheddar, gruyere, parmigiano, and mozzarella. The boyfie and I also loved the Megawatt Ultra Premium Pizza, which is basically Cheese Cheese Cheese made better with foie gras and truffle extract. 

We also tried Megawatt's burgers and sandwiches: the AMP (Php 255), Crunchy Texas BBQ (Php 258), Pulled Beef (Php 265), and Crunchy Mushroom Melt (Php 295).

the AMP
Crunchy Texas BBQ
Pulled Beef
Crunchy Mushroom Melt

Megawatt uses Angus beef for all their burgers, that is why I couldn't choose a favorite. How about all of them? :)

More comfort food, more fun seems to be Megawatt's motto as they also serve Chicken and Filipino rice dishes. They have Chick & Chips (Php 268 for 3 pcs, Php 499 for 6 pcs), Fisherman's Catch (Php 245), and Spicy Beef & Lamb Roll (Php 285).

Chick N' Chips
Fisherman's Catch
Spicy Beef & Lamb Roll

The Morning Rush meals are served with garlic rice and 2 pcs of fried egg. Both the Chicken meals and Morning Rush meals are quite huge for one. For tapsilog lovers, Chunky Angus Tapa (Php 268) is also on the menu. 

For drinks, we had the Black Currant Tea (Php 88) and the E=mc2 or Energy = Megawatt Coffee (Php 65) during and after our feast. 

Megawatt takes the dining experience to the next level by combining comfort food with eccentricity and social responsibility. I was truly impressed with the pizzas and the burgers and I would love to go back to have this amazing food again. 

Thanks to Joyce Esteban of Megawatt for having us. 


(near Robinson's Magnolia)
41-A N. Domingo corner Gilmore Streets,
Bgy. Valencia, 
Quezon City
Contact Number: (02) 5012987