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Buffalo Swing Cafe in Pasig City

Since I moved to Ortigas, it has been more convenient for me to dine at restaurants around my area. However, the search for amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurants is an interest that is always with me, wherever I am. 

One weekend, I had lunch with my friends at Buffalo Swing Cafe, a small restaurant located along Dr. Sixto Avenue in Pasig. 

Buffalo Swing Cafe started as the homebase of one of the most popular buffalo wings resto in the metro, Red Buffalo Wings & Pizza (located in Eastwood and Gilmore). The spot was renamed to Buffalo Swing to separate itself to Red Buffalo's concept. 

Buffalo Swing Cafe shares space with Ingrid's Sweet Haven, a patisserie and baking supplies shop 

We have tried a few of their chicken wings and other dishes that they offer.

Buffalo Swing has 9 chicken wing flavors (5 pcs for Php 145, 10 pcs for Php 275, 20 pcs for Php 535, 40 pcs for Php 1045) to choose from. We got to try 3 flavors: Buffalo Swing (Level Hot), Butter Parmesan and Salt & Pepper.

Buffalo Swing (Hot)
Butter Parmesan
Salt & Pepper

The mildest level for the Buffalo Swing is Hot. We were properly warned by Ingrid that when they say hot, it is indeed hot. And yes, she was right. :P

For the right amount of heat, I liked the Salt & Pepper, which is topped with chopped chilies and garlic, but what I really loved was the Butter Parmesan because cheese. :)

We also had the Bacon Tomato Pasta (Php 125) and the Cajun Spice Pizza (Php 295).

Bacon Tomato Pasta
Cajun Spice Pizza
The Bacon Tomato Pasta is fettuccine with marinara, bacon and mushrooms. I really love the generous amounts of crushed tomatoes on the pasta and balances well with the bacon. I was overly impressed with the Cajun Spice Pizza, topped with shrimp, chicken, Hungarian sausages, bell peppers and onions on thin crust. I couldn't tell you enough how much I love it but I honestly think Buffalo Swing's pizzas can seriously compete with pizza chains around the metro. 

For dessert, we had a slice of their Moist Chocolate Cake (Php 80). 

Moist Chocolate Cake

Just like the pizza, I was astounded with the Moist Chocolate Cake. It was dense, not overwhelmingly sweet, and moist. It is best eaten after eating a batch of Buffalo Swing Hot Wings (like my friend did. LOL).

We were also introduced to a local hot sauce brand named Garapal, which they use as hot sauce for the dishes served at the resto. They also sell it at Php 180 a bottle. 

Garapal flavors are Usok, Bawang and Kape Tsokolate. 

My friends and I had a wonderful time at Buffalo Swing Cafe. Everything we had - from the wings down to the dessert -- was delicious. The prices are reasonable and the no-frills homey feel of the cafe is a plus. I highly recommend that you visit and try what they have to offer. 

Thanks to Ingrid Mediarito for having us.


Buffalo Swing Cafe
363 Dr. Sixto Avenue corner Liwayway Street,
Caniogan, Pasig City


  1. I hope u can stop by The Wild Juan restaurant, beer garden, and bed and breakfast at km68 tagaytay-nasugbu hiway, laurel, batangas to have a taste of Filipino comfort food as interpreted by budding chef Thomas Murillo. Its located at km 68 tagaytay-nasugbu hiway, laurel, batangas between royale tagaytay and alfonso crossing. But i will try this place for their wings, pizza, and choc cake. Thanks

    1. Hi Reina. Kindly send me an email about this. Thank you. :)

      I do hope you'll visit Buffalo Swing Cafe soon.


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