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Mandala Park Weekend Market Finds

I was invited last March 19 to the 6th Mandala Park Weekend Market. 

Mandala Park Weekend Market is a monthly market that promotes local culinary scene by showcasing well-crafted Filipino produce. An addition is the green open space where kids to do their fun activities safely. 

Here are some of the food brands I have tried and seen during my visit to the 6th Mandala Park Weekend Market. 

1. PuNta Mandala

A restaurant located in Mandala Park, PuNta Mandala serves a good variety of snacks at the weekend market. I sampled the 8-Spice Patatas Fritas (Php 125), a menu item served exclusively during the Mandala Park Weekend Market. 

8-Spice Patatas Fritas

I honestly didn't expect, but I was blown away with the flavors from the 8-Spice Patatas Fritas. It is sweet, tangy and salty at the same time. I love the dip too. I can't wait to try and visit their restaurant soon. 

2. D' Famous Imus Longganisa by Big Ben's Kitchen

I have tried (and loved) Vigan, Lucban and Kapampangan Longganisa, but it was the first time I have tasted the Imus Longganisa. So what makes it different from other longganisa variants? Gene Gutierrez explained that Imus Longganisa is all-natural, with no preservatives. Imus Longganisa has a lot of garlic, not too salty and not too sour. It is something you'd love to have for breakfast. 

3. Bao Fusion Concepts

"Would you like to take a bao?"

These two guys caught my attention, as well as their baos. Bao Fusion Concepts has four variants: Congress Bao, Churri Bao, Veggie Bao and Combao/Tribao. 

I ordered their Churri Bao (Php 95) to try. 

Churri Bao

The Churri Bao is filled with slow-cooked pulled pork with chimichurri and nuts. I love how tender the pulled pork is, combined with the crunchiness of the cucumber and nuts and the flavor of chimichurri. I can't wait to have this again, and try the Congress Bao next. 

4. Bulletproof Coffee by Out of the Box 

One drink that I couldn't deny myself, even on sweltering heat, is a cup of hot coffee. This time, a cup of Bulletproof Coffee (Php 175). Bulletproof Coffee has three ingredients: Arabica coffee, grass-fed butter and brain octane oil. 

Bulletproof Coffee

The coffee is aeropressed then mixed with the grass-fed butter and brain octane oil in the blender. The butter in the coffee gives it the creamy flavor that I forget that it didn't have creamer or milk in it and the brain octane oil (a super concetrated coconut oil) helps the body absorb the caffeine and speed up the metabolism. If you love coffee, you should give this a try. 

5. Fog City Creamery

Fog City Creamery is known for being all-natural and no preservatives. Each flavor is made in small batches to ensure the consistency of the flavors. Aside from the regular ice cream, they also have sugar-free, paleo and sorbets.

I got myself a personal cup of Malagos Chocolate (Php 100).

Malagos Chocolate by Fog City Creamery

The dark chocolate was dominant in each bite, and it doesn't melt easily. I can't wait to try the Nutella Latte and Ensaymada flavors next. 

6. Homemade Treasures Ensaymada

One of the food stalls I was excited to visit is Homemade Treasures Ensaymada from Pampanga. I fell in love with the Classic Ensaymada (Php 120) and the Cheese Roll (Php 75) easily, and I bet you will too when you try this. I do hope they'll set up shop here in Manila soon. 

Here are the other merchants at the 6th Mandala Park Weekend Market:

Ziazan Mediterranean Mezze

The 6th Mandala Park Weekend Market was kept alive by the music of the Bleu Rascals. 

Check out the next date for the Mandala Park Weekend Market by following their social media accounts. :)


Mandala Park Weekend Market
312 Shaw Blvd, 
Bgy. Pleasant Hills, 
Mandaluyong City