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Calle Preciousa Seafood Dampa Palutuan

I have fond memories of eating at a dampa. Though I seldom eat there, I remember having to choose the fresh seafood to eat and requesting the chef to have it cook the way I like it. For the unfamiliar, Dampa is what people commonly call restaurants with a seafood market and a kitchen where you can request how you want your seafood to be cooked: grilled, fried, with sauces, baked, etc. 

I was excited to try this newly-opened dampa located in the middle of Pasig City named Calle Preciousa

Calle Preciousa is not exactly new to the dampa business, as it used to be named Sophia's Villa Seafood Dampa Palutuan and formerly located along Capt. Javier in Oranbo Pasig City. The change in location inspired them to change to name to complement the Vigan-inspired interiors of the place. 

You may opt to dine in the open-air indoor area or in one of the nipa huts in the garden. We were comfortably seated in one of the nipa huts for our dinner. 

As a tradition in the dampa, fresh seafood is displayed upfront, where you order and have it cooked according to your preference. Calle Preciousa does everything from scratch - including their stock for the soup.

For our dinner, we had the Tahong Clear Soup (Php 150 per kilo plus Php 180/Php 230 paluto fee) to keep our tummies warm. 

Tahong in Clear Soup

I love that the broth itself is flavorful and soothing, and it goes really well with the mussels. Suffice to say that we finished the whole bowl. 

We also tried the Buttered Garlic Spicy Shrimps (Php 550 per kilo plus Php 200/Php 250 paluto fee) and Salmon Belly Teriyaki (Php 400 per kilo plus Php 200 paluto fee).

Buttered Garlic Shrimps
Salmon Belly Teriyaki

I was tremendously impressed with both dishes -- the sauce of Buttered Garlic Spicy Shrimps are slightly sweet and aromatic that I couldn't help putting it on top of my rice. The Salmon Belly Teriyaki was moist and the teriyaki flavor balances well with the natural flavor of the salmon belly. 

Calle Preciousa also caters to private events like wedding receptions, baptisms, birthday parties, and many others. The restaurant has a huge parking space ideal for large gatherings. 

I was quite impressed with the dishes we tried, however, the service is something to be improved on.

Calle Preciousa indeed knows seafood, and that's an understatement. When you're craving for seafood, a trip to this place is worth it. 

Thanks to Trisha Vistan for having us.


Calle Preciousa
Dr. Sixto Avenue, Brgy. Sagad,
Pasig City