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Parmigiano Starts Anew With Better Look and Better Dishes

It always excites me to discover places that serve authentic Italian food. Though the cuisine is popular, there are only a few restaurants that fill the void. One of those places that serve genuine Italian dishes is Parmigiano in Resorts World Manila. 

Parmigiano has been open for at least five years but has recently changed management. This change also involved an huge improvement with the interiors to a more casual look and major changes with the menu, under the management of Filipino-Italian Giulius Iapino. 

For starters, we had a bowl of Pumpkin Soup (Php 250 for single, Php 370 for sharing).

Pumpkin Soup

The Pumpkin Soup is mild, creamy, and a bit sweet. It is something you'd love to have piping hot even in this hot weather. 

For pasta, we were served the Lasagna 5 Cheese (Php 590) and Spaghetti al Granchio (Php 490).

Lasagna 5 Cheese

Spaghetti al Granchio

The Lasagna 5 Cheese is from fresh handmade lasagna pasta with 5 kinds of cheese: mascarpone, taleggio, gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano and pecorino. It is everything you'd want in a lasagna: al dente, creamy and cheesy through and through. It is not a surprise that it's one of Parmigiano's best selling dishes. I would love to have one (or more) of this dish again. 

If you love seafood, the Spaghetti al Granchio is something you'd want to have, with generous crab meat, cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce, basil, and white wine. The taste is fresh and the dish looks lovely as well. 

We also had Risotto alla Pescatora (Php 410) and Pollo al Mattone (Php 750).

Risotto alla Pescatora
Pollo al Mattone

The Risotto alla Pescatora is seafood risotto served with mussels, clams, and prawns in white wine. I love how flavorful the rice alone. The Pollo al Mattone is grilled boneless chicken served with potatoes. The chicken is juicy and tender, but the meat could have more flavor to it. 

Parmigiano has its own pizzaiolo, who you can watch make pizzas in the open kitchen. We had the Gambaretti con Rucola (Php 600) and Pizza Carolina (Php 600). 

Gambaretti con Rucola
Pizza Carolina

Gambaretti con Rucola is a white pizza topped with shrimps, parmesan, and arugula and Pizza Carolina is cream pizza with truffle, mozzarella, and a runny egg in the middle. I love the simplicity and freshness of the Gambaretti con Rucola but I will forever be biased with anything with truffle, as the Pizza Carolina. 

The runny egg goes perfectly well with the mozzarella and the truffle. The Pizza Carolina is a surefire winner, I can't imagine going back to Parmigiano and not have this pizza.

For desserts, we had the Tiramisu (Php 280), Pannacotta (Php 280), and Chocolate Cake (Php 250).

Chocolate Cake

I loved the Chocolate Cake and the Tiramisu but found the Pannacotta a bit off. 

As a bittersweet ending to a lovely meal, we had a toast of Caffe Corretto, a shot of espresso with a shot of Sambuca, an Italian anise-flavored clear liquor. 

Caffe Corretto

Parmigiano fills the void by being a casual restaurant serving astounding authentic Italian dishes for reasonable prices. This is one place you'll never go wrong for the whole Italian experience. I couldn't wait to go back for the Lasagna 5 Cheese, Pizza Carolina, and try more of what they offer. 

Thanks to Giulius Iapino and Dondon Manuson of Parmigiano for having us.


Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria
2nd Floor, 
Resorts World, 
Newport City,
Pasay City
Twitter: @Parmigiano_PH