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Quick Lunch at Sushi-Ya

Note: This restaurant is already closed.

It's not difficult to convince my friend to have a Japanese lunch, since he adores Japanese food as much I as do. So we tried one of the Japanese restos near the office, Sushi-Ya.

Sushi-Ya (or "sushi store" in Japanese) opened 16 years ago by Japanese food fanatics to offer mid-priced dishes on Zen ambiance.

My friend and I ordered our usual: Miso Soup (Php 45) for him and California Maki (Php 130 for 8 pcs) for me.

Miso Soup
California Maki

I was kinda expecting a lot with the California Maki since the restaurant was named after sushi, but I was a little disappointed because the ripe mangoes they used were sour. I'm sure they didn't source that from my city (where ripe mangoes are abundant.haha).

We also got donburi or rice toppings. My friend got Torikatsudon (Php 150) while I ordered Gyudon (Php 165).

Torikatsudon is chicken cutlets rice toppings while Gyudon is beef rice bowl. Sushi-Ya is generous with the donburi, which is good for people with huge appetites *ehem*.

I guess I was expecting a lot from Sushi-Ya (with that nice ambiance and interiors), but I just found it average.

Maybe I'll try this again and try if their bento is really worth it.


Level 2
Robinson's Galleria
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue,
Quezon City
Contact No.6367085

Other locations are Tomas Morato, Libis, SM Megamall, and Robinson's Place Manila


  1. Too bad the maki wasn't that good. Do they have ramens? Have you tried them?

    1. Yes! They also have ramen. Nope, I haven't tried Ramen (in any resto). I think I should try one soon. :)

  2. With Japanese food, I found that you really have to pay more to get above average quality. For me, Sushi-ya is all right considering that it's affordable. The food is ok naman although as you say, it's average. ;)

    1. I agree! Though I'm satisfied with Asian Bites (by Robinson's Supermarket) and Yoshinoya (for rice bowls). But I really want authentic Japanese food, I'd go somewhere else, Kimono Ken or Little Tokyo perhaps? :)

  3. I miss maki and ramens! thank you for sharing this resto...a must try!

  4. You're on a Japanese roll! Not the maki kind. :P

    I often go to Cafe Dozo just outside my village whenever I crave for Japanese food. You might have seen it when passing by Brookside. :D

  5. Yeah, I've seen it! Though I haven't thought of stopping by to try it. Maybe I'll visit soon! :)

  6. I got to try Sushi-Ya when I was in high school and I was very impressed with their selection of sushi back then. But when I tried it last year I think, the quality isn't the same anymore.. :(

  7. Sushi-ya used to serve delicious japanese food. I guess nagchange na quality nila.. :(

  8. I guess they weren't able to maintain the quality of their food. :(

  9. torikatsudon is love!!! and yay that maki looks so yummy! <3

  10. The maki looked so good! :) are they also serving ramen?

  11. I love their sushi!


  12. i am sushiya fan. To me, their food is value for money. i just love their torikatsudon and bento box combinations. they also have the freshest salmon& uni sashimi. :))


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