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Dessert Delights at Dome Cafe

Update: Dome Cafe has been rebranded to Cafe Lyon

After our satisfying dinner at Recipes by Cafe Metro, we headed to a cafe with a very relaxing ambiance for dessert (and coffee for me): Dome Cafe.

Dome is an international cafe which originated in Australia, with branches in Singapore, Maldives, Malaysia, UAE, and the Philippines. Dome Cafe offers comfort food that we always love.

My friends ordered Blueberry Cheesecake (Php 165 per slice) and Nutella Crepe (Php 150)

Blueberry Cheesecake
Nutella Crepe

The Blueberry Cheesecake is a no-bake cheesecake with blueberry toppings while the Nutella Crepe is oozing with Nutella, sprinkled with sliced almonds and topped with vanilla ice cream. We really loved the cheesecake (I'm a certified cheesecake addict, by the way), but the Nutella Crepe was simply awesome! The crepe is generous with Nutella filling, which goes really well with the vanilla ice cream. It's a dessert addict's delight!

I ordered Churros (Php 120) with a Machiatto Short (Php 85)

Machiatto Short
Unlike other coffee shops, my coffee was served in a glass instead of the usual cup or mug. It was smooth but not too strong.

The Churros is less oily compared to Dulcinea's famous Churros. The chocolate dip wasn't too thick but it was not too sweet, which I prefer.

I love Dome Cafe desserts that it got me curious about the Hot Kitchen Specials, breakfast dishes (which I also love), and of course, the coffee and desserts! Kudos to the quick service and to the nice lady who willingly helped me change my cash to smaller bills.


Dome Cafe
Ground Floor
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City
Contact No.6359746

Other locations are Legaspi Village, Makati and Eastwood City


  1. Let's see how Sancho Churreria's churros will fare up against this churros. =)

  2. yummy deserts!!!! :))

  3. Love cheesecakes too! Will visit this when I'm craving. Di ko masyado type yung sa Secret Recipe eh.

    1. I find Secret Recipe cheesecake bitin.hehe. Takaw ko lang. :)

  4. i'm no cheesecake lover, my wife is... so i kinda know a couple of restaurants' prices... medyo me kamahalan... lol. baka dahil sa presentation... occasional coffee drinker also... love milkshakes though... Yahweh bless. :)

  5. Of all that you have had, I'll just go for the blue berry cheese cake BUT for a pinch only hehehe..I'm back. I will try to comment to all post which I missed.

  6. I love Dome Cafe! :) Both their Shangri-la and Eastwood branches never fail to deliver!

    Anyway, sharing my Cafeccino by Dome visit:

  7. Hmm takes for bringing this into my attention. Can't believe I missed this.. an international cafe too..=(


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