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Savor Filipino Cuisine

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

This is a little overdue post since this visit happened on my birthday, which was last November. I always go to work on my birthday (then avail my birthday leave some other day). This way, I could give a lunch treat to my friends and colleagues. :)

I kept my last birthday celebration quite simple so we went Pinoy with Savor Filipino Cuisine. I've been to the place before and I loved the taste and presentation of the dishes.

For appetizers, we had Sipa ni Owen (Php 189) and CowBoy Sisig (Php 199).

Sipa ni Owen
CowBoy Sisig

Sipa ni Owen is fried spring roll pouches filled with ground pork. I love how they made a simple dish beautifully presented. You must try this when you visit Savor.

CowBoy is a wordplay on "Cow" and "Baboy" as this dish is a mixture of beef and pork. It's delicious but a little oily for sisig, maybe from the beef.

We also had Gising-gising (Php 199) and one of their popular dishes, Sa Pula - Sa Puti! (Php 289).

Sa Pula - Sa Puti!

While Recipes by Cafe Metro uses Baguio beans for the Gising-gising, Savor uses Kangkong stalks with coconut cream, minced pork, and shrimp. Though it's topped with green and red chili, I found the spiciness just right. Sa Pula - Sa Puti! is adobo served 2 ways: one is crispy flaked and the other slow-braised in native vinegar and garlic. I personally like "Sa Pula" (the crispy flaked adobo) more.

I didn't miss on ordering Savor Kare-Kare (Php 429).

Savor Kare-Kare

The last dish to arrive is my all-time favorite Filipino dish. Savor's version didn't disappoint, the serving is more than enough for our group. The meat is tender and the sauce has a nutty edge that I really liked.

We got Adobo Rice (Php 119) and Chorizo Rice (Php 119) to go with our dishes, though I also ordered a cup of Plain Rice for myself too.

Adobo Rice
Chorizo Rice

Adobo Rice and Chorizo Rice are both good for 2 persons. Chorizo Rice has Cabanatuan Longganiza with the fried rice. Both are generously mixed with meat that you can just eat it alone.

Savor also serves desserts since we ate the birthday cake my friends gave me (Tiramisu by Mary Grace, thanks guys!).

Savor Filipino Cuisine offers delicious modern Filipino dishes at reasonable prices. I will definitely go back to try the other dishes.


Savor Filipino Cuisine
Ground Floor
Rockwell Business Center
Tower 2
Ortigas Avenue,
Pasig City

Other locations are Savor Park Cafe at Legaspi Village, Makati City and Zarzuela by Savor at EDSA Shangri-la Mall


  1. The food looks so delicious, I already missed eating Filipino foods. They are the best for me not like other South East Asian food that are too spicy.

    1. Filipino food is really the ultimate comfort food. :)

  2. looks really good!!! i can't wait to visit this place

  3. i love to try cowboy sisig!!! :D and yung sa pula and sa puti!! my lola likes to cook puting adobo! pero mas gusto ko ang pula! and Im sure my lola wil like this while i enjoy my pulang adobo :P

    The Bargain Doll

  4. infairness to their rate ha. cheaper when in fact they are like a fine dining resto, am I right? I love sisig and their cowboy sisig took my interest.

    1. I was intimated by the ambiance at first but changed heart when I saw how reasonable their prices are. Hope you'll visit the place soon! :)

  5. cowboy sisig looks yummy and the adobo rice also! yumyum missing the filipino foods already! xx

  6. OMG!! This is amazing!! I am definitely going to check them out :) good thing their resto is just near my place lang.. :)

  7. I want to try Sipa ni Owen and Adobo Rice... looks so yummy...

  8. Just ate but because of the food photos I feel hungry again! The Sipa ni Owen looks so interesting. Is it like a dumpling?

    Sai Montes of Fashion by Sai

  9. This is the first time I've heard of Savor, but the dishes look delish! :D Will definitely give this a try when I'm in the area~ ;)

    1. It's located at the same building as Clucky's. :)

  10. LOL! I love how they named their dishes! We don't usually dine at Filipino themed restaurants because we always thought we can prepare this at home, but I think this one is something to try ;)

  11. It's so nice of you to go to work on your birthday just to treat workmates haha! Anyhoo, I've been wanting to try Savor for a time now and I probably would soon because I saw a photo of Kare-Kare here in your post :D Thanks for sharing Michy!

    1. It's more fun to celebrate on the exact date of my birthday.hehe. :) Can't wait for your review about Savor. :)


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