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Dapitan55: The One-Stop Place for You and Your Car

These days, we do our best to save time and effort hence we try do a lot of things simultaneously, or do something productive as we wait.

While having your car washed, repaired, or improved, why not enjoy some good food, have a relaxing massage, or play some board games while drinking coffee? You can do all of that and more at Dapitan55

Dapitan55 is the newly-opened lifestyle complex in Banawe area where you can eat, relax, and play while waiting for your car service. My friends and I got to spend a whole day and visited some shops in this hip complex. 

For you:

1. Garage Cafe

Our first stop is Garage Cafe, the car-inspired Chinese restaurant inside the complex. 

The place serves dishes good for solo diners and for sharing. 

For our lunch, we were served Hot & Sour Soup (Php 150), Asado (Php 230), and Roast Liempo (Php 230).

Hot & Sour Soup
Roasted Liempo

Our starters was a variety of different flavors - from sour, sweet to salty. 

For chicken, we had Roast Chicken (Php 200 for half, Php 380 for whole) and Kento Chicken (Php 250). For beef and pork, we tried the Beef Brisket (Php 300) and Salt & Chili Spare Ribs (Php 230). 

Kento Chicken
Roast Chicken
Beef Brisket
Salt & Chili Spare Ribs

I liked the fruity taste of the Kento Chicken but I was really impressed with the tenderness of the Beef Brisket. 

For fried rice, we tried the Beef Fried Rice with Lettuce (Php 120) and Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 95).

Yang Chow Fried Rice and Beef Fried Rice with Lettuce

I liked all the dishes we had and was really impressed on the serving sizes given how inexpensive the prices of the dishes are. 

2. Lick Iced Tea

Also served in Garage Cafe is the newest bottled iced tea, Lick Iced Tea. 

What makes Lick Iced Tea different from other bottled iced tea is that it's naturally sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has zero calorie. I am a Stevia consumer for three years and I'm so happy to discover an iced tea drink that I can drink regularly.

Available flavors are Huckleberry, Peach and Lemon and is available in Megawatt, and Red Baron restaurants. 

3. Baan Khun Thai

After a hearty Chinese meal, we headed to Baan Khun Thai for a relaxing massage. 

We opted to try the Swedish Massage for an hour (Php 350). Before the session, we had a foot soak and changed to slippers to feel more comfortable. 

We were then led to the second floor for our massage. The massage seriously soothed my tired muscles and felt completely relaxed after the treatment. 

After the massage, We were given warm water and tea. Kudos to the staff for being so friendly and extra attentive. 

3. BZ Bean Pitstop

My friends and I headed to BZ Bean Pitstop for exciting games along with coffee and desserts.

My friends ordered Flat White (Php 120 for hot) and Caramel Iced Blended (Php 160) while I got Hazelnut Iced Blended (Php 160).

We each had a slice of Sans Rival (Php 130) to pair with our drinks. This cake is really delicious and reasonably priced too. 

We had a great time playing Uno Cards and other toys while enjoying coffee and cakes. 

For your car:

For car body painting and auto collision repair, there is Careation. For car wash and detailing, you can visit Mr. Buff and if you want to upgrade your car to 4x4, you can drop by the showroom of Ironman Suspension Sales and Showroom

Get everything you need for your car and for you at Dapitan55. :)

Thanks to Joyce Esteban of Dapitan55 for having us. 


55 Dapitan Street corner D. Tuazon Street,
Quezon City