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Chill and Sizzle at Sear Steak Scullery

Steaks and milkshakes for a meal is never a bad idea, as agreed by the people behind the new restaurant concept, Sear Steak Scullery at Banawe Quezon City. 

Sear Steak Scullery opened two months ago by the same people behind Megawatt and Red Baron Ribs and Steaks. 

As told by Joyce Esteban, one of the owners, Sear is the upscale version of Red Baron, with more expensive selections of steaks and a variety of seafood dishes in the menu. 

We started with pan de sal with cilantro butter, a bowl of mushroom soup as the Soup of the Day (Php 99 for single, Php 185 for duo), Classic Caesar (Php 235 for single, Php 345 for duo) and Miso-Vinaigrette Salad (Php 193 for single, Php 303 for duo).

Miso-Vinaigrette Salad
Classic Caesar

We also had the Peperoni Tomato Pasta (Php 245 for single, Php 385 for duo), a meaty and saucy pasta which reminds me of a pepperoni pizza.

Peperoni Tomato Pasta

For seafood dishes, we had Oyster Rockefeller (Php 312), Baked Salmon (Php 385), and Fish Nuggets (Php 315).

Oyster Rockefeller
Baked Salmon
Fish Nuggets

The Oyster Rockefeller was served two ways: with bacon and spinach and with cheese and oregano. I'm partial with the one with bacon and spinach but I always love anything with cheese. I was quite impressed with the Baked Salmon, a thick slice of this delicious fish with white sauce on top. I also love the Fish Nuggets, deep-fried in beer batter and served with ranch dip. For a steak resto, this place serves really amazing seafood. 

We also tried the Chicken Florentine (Php 358) and Chicago Burger (Php 329).

Chicken Florentine
Cilantro Rice
Chicago Burger

Served with cilantro rice or mashed potato, the Chicken Florentine is herb crusted, fried and served with spinach sauce and gruyere cheese. This chicken dish reminded me of the fried chicken steak  I loved in a Southern American restaurant in the States. The Chicago Burger is made of Angus beef patty in Sear's pan de sal-like buns, which I love. 

For steaks, we tried the Steak Classic - NY Strip Steak. All Steak Classic dishes are served with mashed potato or rice, French beans and corn, bread, soup of the day and ice cream. 

Sear Steak Scullery also serves steaks you can sear on your own, called the Stone Grill series. Just like the Steak Classic, the steaks are served with mashed potato or rice, French beans and corn, bread, soup of the day and ice cream. We got to try the 300g USDA Angus Ribeye (Php 1499) and the 200g Hida Wagyu Platter (Php 6599).

I always love the Ribeye as it is more flavorful than leaner cuts of steaks but I was highly impressed with the Hida Wagyu. The Hida Wagyu, the premium steak of Sear Steak Scullery, is considered to have one of the highest quality in marbling, texture and color. I was astounded on how cottony tender this steak is, with the flavor evident in every bite. Yes, it is surely worth your money's worth. 

One more reason why you should give Sear a visit is the elaborately decorated and delicious Milkshakes (Php 220). 

Here are some of the flavors we tried:

Dark Chocolate
Peanut Brownie
Sear's Huckleberry
Green Tea

My personal choice is the Peanut Brownie but everyone loved their milkshakes. 

Sear Steak Scullery is one of the steak places that can serve you beef in whatever budget you have,
along with delicious seafood, chicken and beef dishes and amazingly beautiful milkshakes. I will 
seriously do another trek to Banawe to visit this place again!

Thanks to Joyce Esteban of Sear Steak Scullery for having us.


Sear Steak Scullery
Second Floor, 
238 Center, 
Banawe Corner Panalturan Street, 
Banawe, Quezon City

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