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The Mega Fashion Hall Degustation (Part 1) #MegaFoodTour

I call SM Megamall my home base because I'm there almost every day. Aside from its proximity to my workplace, I love how vast its food selections are and made a lot better with the opening of the Mega Fashion Hall. 

I was invited last week to an evening of good food with Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and Mercato Centrale Group, where we tried the newest restaurants at SM Megamall, including the Michelin-star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. 


Here are some of the restaurants included in the tour:

1. Tim Ho Wan

The cheapest Michelin-star restaurant opened its flagship restaurant to the public on the exact day of the tour. So yeah, we got the first dibs to Baked Pork Buns. :P

Almost all ingredients come from Hong Kong, where Tim Ho Wan originated. 

Baked Buns with BBQ Pork

The Baked Buns with BBQ Pork (Php 145, 3 pcs) are quite delicate to handle as you eat it. The warm bun is very soft that you need to be extra careful with it. The BBQ Pork filling has the right amount of sweetness and the meat is superbly tender. 

We also had the Prawn Dumpling (Php 160), Dumpling Teochew Style (Php 120), and Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf or Machang (Php 190).

Prawn Dumplings
Dumpling Teochew Style
Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf

2. Cinnabon

Beside Tim Ho Wan is Cinnabon, the first-ever cinnamon roll bakery in the country. We tried their Classic Cinnamon Roll, which is huge enough for 2-3 persons to share. 

Classic Cinnamon Roll

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3. KyoChon

Another newcomer in Manila is the most popular Korean double-fried chicken in Korea, KyoChon!

KyoChon has four flavors for the fried chicken: Original Series, Red Series (spicy), Honey Series and Soonsal Series Strips. I would definitely give this place another visit because I love fried chicken a lot!

4. Chez Karine (closed)

Chez Karine (French for "Karen's Place") is a French patisserie with an Asian twist. The place is known for their macarons and puddings. 

I was able to try the Muscovado Royal Pudding (Php 110). 

Muscovado Royal Pudding

It tasted like a cross between Leche flan and pudding. I love the texture and the subtle sweetness. I should try the other puddings some time. 

5. The French Baker, Salon de The

The French Baker has recently opened its Salon de The or Tea Salon. We were able to try this Tea Time set.

The set, which includes scones, mini chocolates, macarons, mini sandwiches, chips, also includes a pot of tea. We got Blueberry tea with our set. The whole set, which can be shared by 2-3 persons is only Php 425. Very affordable compared to other tea salons. :)

6. Gigi Custaroonery (closed)

I have read a lot about Gigi Gaerlan's Custaroons but it was my first time to taste them. 

I wish I have tasted her custaroons way earlier. The texture from the coconut blends well with the creaminess of the custard. It was so addictive! I also loved the Chocolate Custaroon Poppers (Php 410, box of 25), so much that I swear I could finish the whole box. :P

7. Osaka Ohsho

The restaurant that I have visited few times is Osaka Ohsho, a Japanese franchise specializing in gyoza. 

Chicken Karaage

That evening, they showcased their bestsellers, the Original, Cheese and Nori gyozas and the Chicken Karaage. As a cheese fanatic, I went for the cheese gyoza. I liked the nori and original as well. 

click to enlarge

Get a chance to be part of the Mega Food Tour! Using your Instagram account, take your best food pic from any restaurant in SM Megamall from May 23 to June 3, 2014. Add locator, tag @smmegamall, and use #MegaFoodTour. Don't forget to follow @smmegamall on IG! Winning entries will be invited to the Mega Food Tours on May 30 and June 6, 2014. :)

Part 2 of the #MegaFoodTour soon!


Tim Ho Wan



Chez Karine

The French Baker, Salon de The

Gigi Custaroonery

Osaka Ohsho


  1. We were at the new wing last March and a lot of the shops were still closed. But it was huge nga! I felt like I was in a separate mall from Megamall. =D

    Would love to try Tim Ho Wan. Sana they open a branch in MOA. Huhuhu! =(

    1. I think they'll be opening a branch in MOA soon. :)

  2. Oh my god all these in a day?! It's like attending the Ultimate Taste Test. I am curious about Chez Carine, KyoChon, and Tim Ho Wan.

  3. I've been wanting to try Chez Karine! French Baker is looking great, too.

  4. Those baked buns had tiny mouths and they were calling my name! Haha :)

    That was an overload of all things good and yummy!

  5. whoah!! so there's a new place to try in Megamall. Tim Ho Wan. whew!

  6. wow, how many restos did you visit for the whole tour?
    i mean, to think this is just part1!


    1. 14 restos, but the whole tour is for 16 restos. hehehe. :) Hope you'll read the 2nd part as well. :)

  7. I wanna go on this food tour! Haha! Been wanting to try KyoChon, too!

  8. Oh, I miss going to food trips! Meron palang tea set sa French Baker :) Perfect for business meetings. Food Tours are awesome venue to know great offerings and discounts from different restos :)

    1. I agree. I can't wait to do my own food tour someday! :)


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