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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Simple Lesson from Cinnabon

Let me share with you a little story on how Cinnabon reminded me that sometimes happiness comes in small packages, or sometimes, it comes for free. :)

My friend and I decided to kill time there while we're waiting to board our plane to Davao. Luckily, they have fast wi-fi connection that I was able to check my mails. We also got some treats, my friend had a Mochaccinobon (Php 105) while I had a Cafe Latte (Php 105).

Cafe Latte

I was so busy checking my netbook that I wouldn't notice that our receipts are "customer voice receipts", which would give us a free Cinnabon dessert if we answer the customer survey. This is kinda similar to the one I used to get at Starbucks.

We answered the survey right away so we could claim our Minibon (Php 85).

If my friend didn't see it, we wouldn't have free treats. And Cinnabon wasn't bad at all.

Lesson learned: take time to appreciate simple things, there might be something in store for you. :)


Departure Area
NAIA Terminal 3
Pasay City

Other locations include Robinson's Galleria, Podium and many more


  1. I've never answered a survey before that comes with a free treat. This sure is a sweet deal. I do agree, that we should stop to smell the roses.

    1. Maybe I'm just lucky that I end up with surveys that come with free treats.hehe. :) Yes, we should take a break every now and then. :)

  2. i love cinnabon stix and chocobon! yeah this is true. they do the same in sentro too. who doesn't love freebies anyway :D

    1. I haven't tried those, I hope it's not too sweet. :)

  3. I miss Chocobon! And it's cool that they really wanna know how their customers feel about their products :)

  4. That is so cool, sometimes it's the little things that matter...great post mich!

  5. wow. that's so true... minsan smallest stuff matters the most pa nga.. great post! and great treats too! haha

  6. Anything free is nice - but when it's something edible and sweet, it's just much, much better :)

  7. i've just see this pero nver ko pa natry ... pang julies bakeshop lang kasi ako

  8. Never tried this pa. I'm not a fan of cinnamon naman haha pero looks delicious! :)

  9. Cool post Michy! favorite ko Cinnabon lalo na yung nasa SLEX ;-) Like you, I love answering surveys. One time, I won a curry beef pepper rice at Pepper Lunch just by answering their survey. ;-)

    1. Nice noh? :) Cinnabon is a hit or miss for me. Minsan kasi I find it too sweet.


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