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Haska D' Hasrin Restaurant, Brunei

Jerudong Park Playground was our last stop during our first day in Brunei. My kid cousins were already itching to run to the playground itself, but the adults (myself included) were quite exhausted...and hungry. 

We stopped by the food complex at the parking lot of Jerudong Park. It is an open area with a string of local restaurants to choose from. We ordered from Haska D' Hasrin mainly because one of the staff is Filipina, and it is the first resto we saw. 

We ordered their specialty, Sayap Panggang (B$ 5 per order).

Sayap Panggang

Sayap Panggang are grilled chicken wings. It is quite sweet that the kids loved munching on it. I loved it too! We had to order another serving though it really takes a while to cook. 

Because I was bound to have a migraine, I asked for Kopi Ping or Ice Coffee (B$ 1.20).

Kopi Ping

I didn't bother asking which coffee brand they used, but it was too watered down I didn't even taste the coffee. I should've just asked for iced tea or iced Horlicks instead. 

For noodles, we had Mee Goreng Seafood (B$ 4).

Mee Goreng Seafood

Another noodle dish that impressed us is this Mee Goreng. My aunts were amazed on how the Bruneians create their sauces for the noodles. We really loved it!

Since we had too much chicken for lunch, we decided to have Nasi Sotong Lada Hitam (B$ 4.50), or Black Pepper Squid with Rice.

Sotong Lada Hitam

I flooded my rice with the sauce that came with it. It was damn delicious. However, the second serving came a bit too spicy compared to the first one. Maybe the cook panicked because our platoon looks famished. 

Everyone was satisfied with all the food that we had, even the kids who were overly excited to run in the playground. 


Haska D' Hasrin Restaurant
Gerai No. 21 & 22,
Phase 2
Jerudong Park Playground Foodcourt,
Brunei Darussalam

B$ 1 = Php 35


  1. These look so much like Filipino food! The Nasi Sotong Lada Hitam looks really inviting to those who love eating lots of rice.

    1. Yes, they are quite similar to Filipino food. :) Yes, it was. Good thing they have huge servings of rice :)

  2. oh my god. they all looked so yummy! PRang ang sarap ng pancit version nila! I can tell its flavorful just by looking at the photo.

  3. How many hours away is Brunei from the Philippines?
    It's in my list of places to see.

    PS. I found my way to your blog from Joei's.

  4. OMG! I miss Brunei's chicken wings (and Kota Kinabalu's). Sana meron din dito sold as street food.

  5. Looks savory! Looking at it, I think they share the savory taste that Pinoy dishes have. And that's a good thing. :)

    1. Yes, it is quite similar to our own cuisine in some ways. :)

  6. I had to look closely to convince myself that Sayap Panggang is indeed chicken wings hahaha... So kopi ping is supposed to be iced coffee? I thought at first it was something made with coconut, because of the color hahaha...

  7. Their food looks Malay-inspired a. =)

    That Kopi Ping really looks watered down nga. Almost milky in color. I thought it was milk. Hehehe! Lugi ka nga.

    1. Yes, very Malay. :) Oo, parang walang kape yung Kopi Ping. :(


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