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Breakfast @ Charlie's Grind and Grill

It was one of those lazy mornings again that I just want to eat and bond with a friend.

This breakfast was actually accidental: I just called him to ask if he's still in the office so I could drop by, he said he's already in the bus and the bus is already around Ortigas, so I asked (well, mandated is more proper actually) if we could meet up as I'm in Ortigas. Being such a good friend, he did alight from the bus, coming from the night shift and all.

We were supposed to have burgers since I was telling him how good it was when I first went to Charlie's. It didn't occur to me that they are only serving breakfast in the morning. Bummer.

We were curious about the Breakfast Platter, but we decided to order ala carte for the meantime (yeah, weak, I know).

We first had our drinks: mine is the usual Brewed Coffee (Php 65) while my friend has Charlie's Iced Tea (Php 65).

Brewed Coffee
Charlie's Iced Tea

We each had 2 pcs Buttermilk Pancakes (Php 95).

Buttermilk Pancakes

I only have one word to describe their pancakes: fluffy, fluffy. FLUFFY!!! :)

We also had Hashbrown (Php 45) and 3 pcs Bacon Strips (Php 150).

Bacon Strips

Their hashbrown is homemade so expect that it won't look like the usual fast-food hashbrown.

If you have a bigger appetite, you can try Charlie's Platter for Php 320. This includes all you can eat buttermilk pancakes, refillable brewed coffee or Charlie's Iced Tea plus your choice of:
- Hashbrown or Skillet Potatoes
- Scrambled Eggs or Sunny Side Up
- Sausage Patty, Sage Sausage, Bacon, or Ham.

I might try Charlie's Platter next time, but I'm also curious about their Breakfast Sandwiches and Eggs Benedict variants.


Charlie's Grind and Grill
16 East Capitol Drive,
Brgy. Kapitolyo
Pasig City
Contact Nos. 5010138, 09394504758
Facebook Page: Charlie's Grind and Grill
Twitter: @charlies_grill


  1. yumyum! now i am craving for pancakes haha might as well make one tomorrow hihi xx

  2. I would try the breakfast platter too, seems cheaper than ala carte :)

    1. Yeah, it was. :) We weren't too hungry that time din kasi. :)

  3. I did not know they served breakfast meals! It's time to visit my grandpa again in baranggay kapitolyo and treat him to that breakfast platter :D

    1. I hope you'll do. Your grandpa will surely love it! :)

  4. i love breakfast plates (bilang hindi ao nagbbreakfast) yan ang ideal meal ko. at ang husay mo sa food photography. i get frustrated everytime i do it..

    1. Thank you, blissfulguro! :) Yeah, I love breakfast meals too! It's one of my comfort foods. :)

  5. Happy Pancake Day!


    I had pancakes for breakfast and ansarap lang kapag yun ang unang meal for the day.

    1. Happy Pancake Day too??? hahaha!

      We usually have pancakes for meryenda at home. Weird noh? haha!

  6. I still haven't tried Charlie's :( Will make sure to do so on my next Kapitolyo trip though!

  7. Pancake and bacon is my fave breakfast combo. Sarap! =)

  8. Charlie's platter sounds like a good bargain, although I often don't want to be so stuffed early in the morning. :)


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