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Tatoy's Manokan and Seafoods Iloilo

After spending the morning touring the Iloilo countryside, we went back to the city at around lunchtime, so we decided to have a feast at Tatoy's Manokan and Seafoods.

Tatoy's is a native restaurant that serves Filipino, specializing in Ilonggo dishes. The place looks like a huge cottage in front of the beach, with open-air ambiance and sand on the floor. Available dishes are displayed on the counter, where one of the staff can take the orders.

It was really hot, so we had Fruit Shake (Php 70), our group had Buko and Ripe Mango flavors.

We had their house specialty, Tatoy's Lechon Manok (Php 300).

Tatoy's Lechon Manok

Tatoy's uses native chicken for their lechon manok. It is slightly salty but this dish was delicious you'd want to eat it even without rice.

We also had a plate of Lechon Baboy (Php 200) and Sinigang na Hipon (Php 300).

Lechon Baboy
Sinigang na Hipon

Like any carnivore, I got the Lechon Baboy. A plate is generously full of crispy skin and meat. The sauce shouldn't be ignored too. Sinigang na Hipon looks very fresh, but I wasn't able to try it. A plate of plain rice is Php 65, which is good for 2-3 persons.

We were really satisfied with the food. If you're visiting Iloilo, Tatoy's is a must-try resto for authentic and reasonably-priced Filipino dishes. I'd love to visit Tatoy's if I go back to Iloilo again.


Tatoy's Manokan and Seafoods
Sto. NiƱo Sur, Arevalo,
Iloilo City


  1. sinigang na baboy na may hipon? hahaha..XD BENTA! lol!

    1. Corrected. Thanks for pointing that out, Cyron. :)

  2. Tatoy's. One of my favorites. I suggest that you try their boneless bangus too next time you are in Iloilo :)

  3. uy i miss tatoy's! pati na rin ang scallops sa breakthrough :)

    1. Woah. Di kami nakapunta sa Breakthrough. Next time siguro. :)

  4. Dang I got hungry! I love love sinigang na hipon and lechon manok and the lechon baboy looks yummy too! Oh my *drool*

  5. This place is worth going to because of the food. And Guimaras. And the people.


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