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Afrique's Italian Restaurant, Iloilo

After spending the day touring the Iloilo's countryside, my friends and I went back to the Ong Bun Pension House to freshen up and take some rest. Fortunately, our pension house is a block away from Robinson's Iloilo. We went around the mall to look for a place to have dinner, and we found Afrique's, one of the places my fellow foodie Allen recommended.

Afrique's is an Italian restaurant that opened 10 years ago in Iloilo. It now has 5 branches around Iloilo. The resto resembles a small old Italian kitchen. It wasn't crowded when we arrived, which was okay, we needed some peace anyway.

For pasta, we ordered the Mushroom Duo (Php 165) and Lasagna (Php 149).

Mushroom Duo

Mushroom Duo is a cream-based linguine pasta with Shiitake and buttons mushrooms. It simple yet creamy dish that's good for sharing. Though the dish arrived a bit late, we were surprised by their Lasagna. It has lots of beef and cheese, something I was looking for in a lasagna. I recommend that you try the Lasagna.

We also had the 4 Cheese Pizza (Php 279).

4 Cheese Pizza

The 4 Cheese Pizza has Parmesan, Bleu Cheese, and Mozzarella on the ultra-thin crust. I wished this pizza has more toppings though.

I was satisfied with the dishes that we had, although I wished we visited another branch, which is homier than the one we visited. The prices are quite affordable, and the service is good. I'd definitely go back to try the steaks if I return to Iloilo.


Level 1
Ledesma Wing,
Robinson's Iloilo
Iloilo City


  1. Thank you for promoting Iloilo :) I haven't tried their pasta yet as we usually go for their pizza and other meat dishes. I can hear that lasagna calling out to me.......

    1. We didn't try the meat dishes. Was it good? You should try the lasagna. Sayang naman andyan ka na eh. :P

  2. My favorite food - anything Italian! The mushroom duo and pizza looks super yummy! Hope I get to go to IloIlo soon :)

  3. the mushroom duo looks so yummy! I love anything with mushrooms!! xx

  4. Ooh yeah, their dishes are affordable naman. And good thing the food and service are nice. Glad you had a satisfying meal! This makes me wanna make lasagna! Haven't had one in foreverrrr :)

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  6. I've never been to Iloilo, so seeing this makes me more excited to come and visit!


  7. I will be in Iloilo next month, I will try this dishes.


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