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Conquering Guimaras in a Day

After our Iloilo countryside tour, we spent the following day in Guimaras.

Guimaras is a small island province that used to be a sub-province of Iloilo until it was created an independent province 20 years ago. The province is known for producing one of the sweetest mangoes in the world. They even prohibit the entry of mangoes or any part of the mango plant from other places to preserve the pure breed of Guimaras mangoes.

From Ong Bun Pension House, we had a quick breakfast at Panaderia de Molo then walked our way to the Ortiz Wharf, which is the port of motorbancas to Guimaras. A motorbanca ride to Guimaras costs Php 14 per person and the trip takes only about 10 to 15 minutes.

Ortiz Wharf

When we arrived at the Jordan port, we were asked to register at their tourist kiosk. Our trike driver Kuya Mai was already waiting for us at the port. The rate for the countryside tour is Php 1200, which is the standard rate for trike tours. There are lots of trike waiting at the port so no worries if you haven't contacted anyone prior to your arrival. A trike can fit up to 5 persons, but if your group is more than 5, a multicab is also available (but maybe for a slightly higher rate).

1. Smallest Plaza

Smallest Plaza

- Our first stop is called Smallest Plaza. According to research, it used to hold the Guinness world record for being the smallest plaza in the world. We just had some photos taken in front then went to our next stop.

2. Guimaras Adventure Park

- Kuya Mai asked if we wanted to do some target shooting, I answered with a resounding YES! :) So we proceeded to Guimaras Adventure Park, which offers rappelling, combat shooting, paintball wargames, airsoft, and combative.

Vince orienting us about proper gun handling

My aim is good, I think

Vince, a target shooting trainer, gave us basic lessons on responsible gun handling. We also took turns in practicing close distance shooting. The basic lesson costs Php 200 + Php 11 per bullet. We spent an hour at Guimaras Adventure Park. I'd love to enroll in a gun shooting course here in Manila. Yes, I did enjoy gun shooting.

We had lunch at Pitstop Restaurant and got to try Mango Pizza, which was really affordable. More about this in a separate post.

3. Overlooking Guimaras

Overlooking Guimaras

On our way to Alubihod, we stopped at the Overlooking Site to take some photos. According to Kuya Mai, this spot has the best view of the island.

4. Guimaras Island Hopping

Raymen Beach Resort

From Jordan, we proceeded to Raymen Beach Resort for the island hopping. The entrance fee to the resort is Php 25. The beachfront itself is so beautiful I almost wanted to just sit there and read a book. We booked for a 2-hour island hopping tour. The rate is Php 450 for the 1st hour + Php 200 per succeeding hour.

For our island hopping tour, we first stopped at SEAFDEC, which is a research center for fishes and other marine creatures.

An abalone!

SEAFDEC is a floating center, using bamboos as paths. We paid the entrance fee of around Php 20 per person. A caretaker educated us on what SEAFDEC really does and willingly answered our questions. I had to practice my balance here, and it was such a challenge.

We proceeded to Turtle Island, which was simply breathtaking. From Turtle Island, you can also see Ave Maria Island, so we didn't bother stopping at Ave Maria Island anymore.

Turtle Island
cute turtle!

There were children wading at the shore when we arrived. What got our attention was the turtle they were playing with. There's no fixed entrance fee for this island though you'll be asked to donate any amount. Have a heart and drop an adequate amount if you'll be going there.

Other formations/island we saw (but forgot the names):

Our island hopping tour took 2.5 hours so we paid Php 700. It was the highlight of our Guimaras countryside tour (aside from the target shooting lessons).

5. Trappist Monastery

We went back to Jordan to buy pasalubong and visit the Trappist Monastery.

Trappist Monastery chapel
chapel altar

We stopped at the chapel for some prayers and went to the gift shop. The gift shop closes at 4:00PM but may be extended a bit since many people are still coming to buy pasalubong.

Trappist Monastery Gift Shop

Must-buy items are the Mango Jam, Guava Jelly, Mango Biscocho, and Mango Bars. Other religious items and souvenirs are sold here.

6. Guimaras Trade and Information Center and Mango Fruit Stands

For other pasalubong, we also stopped at GTIC. 

GTIC sells Guimaras-produced food and other pasalubong items like keychains and shirts. 

Guimaras mangoes

A trip to Guimaras wouldn't be complete if I wouldn't try the Guimaras mangoes. A kilo costs Php 80 + Php 60 for the box. I strongly suggest that you buy unripe mangoes to take home, it's good to eat after 2-3 days.

What could I say about the Guimaras mangoes? It was really really sweet! It's one of the sweetest mangoes I have tasted. I'd go back just for the mangoes.

We weren't able to visit the Guisi Lighthouse since we had to catch a fast craft to Bacolod. Guimaras has one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. I appreciate that Guimaras isn't too crowded and touristy yet. I'd love to visit again and maybe stay longer.

Kuya Mai - 09236389891

More about our Iloilo-Guimaras-Bacolod trip in my future posts!


  1. Michy, you had me at target shooting! Looking forward to visiting Guimaras soon, I'd like to island hop too :)

    1. I hope you'll visit Guimaras soon, Yedy and take time to island hop. :)

  2. Love Guimaras! It's so nice and peaceful there. Although I heard that it's is slowly being prepped to become another tourist destination. Hope they could still maintain it's beauty. =(

    1. Guimaras actually have a good tourist system already. I just hope it wouldn't be crowded in the future. :)

  3. My sister just got back from Guimaras too! Beautiful place indeed. I was supposed to be there last month with friends but I missed the flight.

  4. yay! island hopping is always a thrilling experience! woah :D

  5. I was drooling over those Guimaras mangoes. You had such a nice trip with your closest pals. I envy you!

    1. Hi Yani! The Guimaras mangoes were simply delicious. I hope you'll visit Guimaras soon! :)

  6. Philippines really have the best beaches. Nice shots! I love the island hopping and food shots particularly. :D

    1. Thanks Pina Pinay! Yes, our country still has the most beautiful beaches in the world. :)

  7. Woah! Jampacked day! But great sights!

    I'd go for that turtle island any time :D Maybe they can make a fixed fee for entrance to it, like something pretty high to make a good barrier and use the proceeds for the protection of the turtles. Did they mention how often the turtles go here?

    As for the Trappist monastery, the first time I've heard of Trappist monks was when i read the history of this certain Belgian beer. Hey, maybe they can start brewing some using mangoes as flavorings :D ! I know the Philippine craft beer scene wll be making one hell of a boom soon :D

    - Ray

    1. About Turtle Island, that's something we failed to ask when we're there. That turtle is sort of a pet for the kids in the island. :)

      A friend mentioned about Trappist beer also. :) I didn't see any beer in the shop, but it would be nice if they create mango beer, eh? :P

  8. Among the islands in Guimaras island hopping tour, Ave Maria Island is the best for me - it got scenec views perfect for photographs and enough beachside and beautiful rock formations.
    The cave you went through is Baras Cave.


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