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Personalized Buffet at DADS, Kamayan and Saisaki

I love Triple-V, especially Sambokojin. It has been my friends' go-to place whenever we want to catch up on each other's lives while enjoying delicious food. Also, this is where I had my birthday dinner last year. In all my numerous visits, I haven't been disappointed with the food and their service. EVER.

When I received an invite to visit their newly-renovated branch at West Avenue branch, I immediately accepted! I was a little busy running last-minute errands for my little sister's birthday party, but I wouldn't miss this for the world. :)

Lechon de Leche
Meat Carving Station

DADS, Kamayan and Saisaki have been serving buffet favorites for generations. Who wouldn't love DADS classics lengua, paella, pasta, and roast beef; Kamayan's Filipino dishes like Kare-kare, Sisig, and Lechon de Leche; and Saisaki's sushi, sashimi, and tempura?

Stepping up from their quality service, DADS, Kamayan and Saisaki introduce their personalized customer service.  Staff garbed in traditional attires will serve buffet favorites at your tables when you want it.

One of the staff serves DADS seafood, beef, and pork barbecues. Let's call him Mr. Barbecue. :) In a Japanese kimono, Ms. Maki serves California and Salmon Temaki.

Ms. Maki
Mr. Barbecue

In a Filipino costume, one of the guys serves Pritson, succulent cut of lechon de Leche, cucumber, spring onion wrapped in lumpia wrapper. In a really cute shrimp headgear, Mr. Tempura serves Ebi and shrimp tempura. 

Mr. Pritson
Pritson with different sauces
Mr. Tempura

I also had other delicious dishes like Chicken Souvlaki and Lengua. What I love about DADS is the crepe station. :) I had Mango and Banana Crepe with Chocolate Syrup, which I shared with KC. :)

the Crepe Cook at the station

On my plate: Temaki, Pritson, Tempura, and Grilled Shrimp

I'd always go back to DADS Kamayan and Saisaki for their quality service and delicious offerings. It's one of the few places I know that people of all ages will really enjoy. :)

Buffet Rates

Lunch (Mon - Thurs) - Php 595
Lunch (Fri - Sun) - Php 695
Dinner (Mon - Sun) - Php 695
Holidays - Php 695
Kids' Rate (below 4 ft) - Php 290


Lunch (Mon - Thurs) - Php 555
Lunch (Fri - Sun) - Php 655
Dinner (Mon - Sun) - Php 655
Holidays - Php 655
Kids' Rate (below 4 ft) - Php 265


Lunch & Dinner (Mon - Sun) - Php 415
Kids' Rate (below 4 ft) - Php 225

Thanks to Mara, Cara, & Bokie Villavicencio and Francis of Buensalido & Associates for having us.


DADS Kamayan Saisaki
15 West Avenue
Quezon City
Contact Nos.3728845, 3743767
Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri 11:30AM - 2:30PM / 6:00PM to 10:00PM
Sat-Sun 11:00AM - 2:30PM / 6:00PM to 10:00PM
Facebook Page: Dads Kamayan Saisaki

Other locations are EDSA, Padre Faura, SM Megamall, and Glorietta 3.


  1. They all have my favorites! Japanese and classic pinoy dishes! Omg! even lengua! I wish they'll open a branch in Cebu or General Santos city.

  2. madalas kaming tambay sa kamayan ermita. :) really great pinoy food. service is outstanding as well...

    1. Haven't been to Ermita branch, will visit it soon! ;)

  3. gah! basically as a Pinoy, I love the Lechon! hehe...
    I think the prices are quite pricy but I'm sure it's worth the price! :)

  4. Replies
    1. We can eat there naman next time, with the other foodies! :)

  5. di kopa natatry dito thats why Ijoined the GC giveaway. rawr.

  6. natry ko before their merienda buffet. i rarely go sa buffets coz lugi ako. Haha!

    1. Haven't tried their merienda buffet. I love buffets! I usually prepare before going to a buffet. ;)

  7. looks so cool! :) parang ang sarap kumain dito. heehee
    anyway, I hope you could join my post-birthday giveaway dear! ☺

  8. wow lechon! the food are mouthwatering..too bad they don't have a branch here in davao city..hopefully soon..

  9. Oh I didn't know they had a crossover buffet like this! Last time I ate at Dad's was for merienda buffet.

    1. Ako naman haven't tried the merienda buffet. Hope you'll try the lunch or dinner buffet! ;)

  10. I haven't tried eating here yet. The food looks good enough, and the buffet price is tempting enough.

  11. It was a way back when I last dine at Dad's and I am excited to visit them again soon :)

  12. I love Saisaki! You can never go wrong with sushi and sashimi. =)

  13. It's been a while since I've last eaten at Dad's. I super love Sambokojin though, so I'm assuming Dad's have remained competitive all these years :)

    1. They are still competitive. Plus, they're opening more Sambokojin branches too! ;)

  14. Ooh it's affordable naman pala. Almost same price as other buffet restaurants like Seoul Garden, etc. I'll check it out when I feel particularly famished. :D

  15. Triple V is one of our favorite places to go to whenever we have get-together with friends. Lovely chat with pals plus delicious food = perfect combination!

    1. It's quite a good place to bond with loved ones. I'll have to bring my friends here soon! :)

  16. Yes my current favorite now is SAMBOKOJIN and I swear it is the reason I got SO fat!!! I have forgotten about the awesomeness of Dad's and Kamayan buffet.... Hmmmm shall I endulge again for a few more pounds??? Tee hee! :)


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