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Chowdown Cebu: Tablea Chocolate Cafe

Note: This location is already closed. 

After our dinner at One Claypot House, we went to Robinson's Cybergate to have dessert, and we found an interesting cafe called Tablea Chocolate Cafe.

Tablea Chocolate Cafe offers mostly chocolate-based treats like hot and iced chocolate, frios, desserts. They are popular for their chocolate-covered cacao beans, which is perfect for pasalubong. :) They also have non-chocolate drinks like coffee, non-chocolate frios, and tea. They also offer all-day breakfast, pizza, and sandwiches. 

Chocolate-covered cacao beans

I got Choco Banana Frio (Php 115) while my friend had Choco Mint Frio (Php 135).

Choco Banana Frio
Choco Mint Frio

The Frios are generously topped with chocolate syrup at really affordable prices. :)

We also had Chocolate Con Churros (Php 100).

Chocolate Con Churros

The churros were served really hot! The chocolate was really thick and it wasn't too sweet, which was a good thing since the churros were already sprinkled with sugar. The chocolate dip was actually good for another order of Churros (Php 40 for 4 pcs). 

A chocolate wonderland with really awesome prices! I hope they'll have a Manila branch soon. :)


Tablea Chocolate Cafe
Robinson's Cybergate
Fuente Osmeña Circle,

Other locations are Ayala Center Cebu, JY Square, J Centre, and SM Cebu Northwing


  1. that Choco Mint Frio! yay! :)))

  2. I love chocolate~
    you never fail to tickle our palate with your posts!

  3. I know this place! Are the Chocolate-covered cacao beans edible?

  4. I love tablea cafe!! Yummyy churros. ahh and that sinful cocoa dip! <3


  5. Wow ang sarap naman!!! Sana nga magkaroon niyan sa Manila. Ang daming masarap na kainan sa Cebu na sana meron din sa Manila. :)

  6. Curious about the choco banana frio. :)

  7. Waaah sana meron niya dito sa Manila! Will keep this place in mind in case we find ourselves in Cebu. :)

    1. Oo nga eh. Too bad I didn't buy the chocolate-covered cacao beans. :(

  8. I also hope they'll have a branch here soon so that people here in Manila will experience such a sweet treat from them

  9. yummy! i love the taste of tablea chocolates :) soon theyll have here in manila! yumyum!

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  10. hot coffee and chocolate dessert after a heavy meal.Sarap,forget about calories for a while and enjoy the food.

  11. cebu is too far, i just wish they'd have a branch here soon.

  12. I'm sold! I want to try this too when I visit Cebu! :D

  13. Sayang wala dito sa Manila bigla pa naman akong natakam sa dip ng churros.

  14. Great post Mich! Chocolate-covered cacao beans sound very intriguing. And as a chocolate lover, this looks to be one of those must-tries! :)

  15. I love their champorado too, the one with the peanut butter. I find the serving too small for about a 100-something price. But hey it was delicious.

    For those who are interested to find more food spots in Cebu, check out Thanks.


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