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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mighty Quinn's: New York BBQ Joint Opens in Manila!

By the group who brought us Yabu: The House of Katsu and Ippudo Philippines, Standard Group is now bringing us an authentic American Barbeque experience with Mighty Quinn's. 

Started in East Village in Manhattan in December 2012 by Hugh Mangum, the "Barbeque King of New York", Mighty Quinn's offers slow-smoked barbeques from techniques with his roots, Texas and North Carolina, giving a unique 'New York-style' barbeque. 

The bestseller, the Beef Brisket, takes around 18 to 22 hours of smoking. Hugh Mangum believes that it's all about sourcing the best quality ingredients and cooking it slowly and adding just the right amount of salt and spice makes a really good barbeque. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

PayMaya teams up with Foodpanda for an Exclusive Promo

Paymaya has partnered with Foodpanda for an exclusive treat for foodies!

Until December 31, 2016, foodies all over Metro Manila and Cebu will be given a 20% discount for a minimum purchase of Php 500.00 when you order meals at the Foodpanda website or app and use PayMaya as payment option. You will also get a 10% discount on every succeeding orders made until the end of the promo.

To avail the 20% discount on the first order, simply use the voucher code PAYPANDA20 plus the first six digits of your PayMaya account number. For the succeeding orders, use the voucher code PAYPANDA plus the first six digits of your PayMaya account number, in order to avail the 10% discount.

PayMaya is a prepaid wallet that enables users to pay, and purchase the things they love online--even without a credit card. In just three minutes upon download, users are given a 16-digit virtual card number which they can use to shop online, pay for Uber, book flights, buy games,  concert tickets, and subscriptions, and now, order food to be delivered right to their doorstep. PayMaya is accredited by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as well as international card security bodies such as the PCI DSS so users are ensured of a safe and secured payment option with PayMaya.

“Our group’s mission has always centered on enabling the Filipinos to avail of the anytime, anywhere experience. We are delighted to team up with foodpanda and offer exactly this to #NowNation -- a convenient and affordable way to satisfy their cravings, whenever, wherever.” Sharon Kayanan, Marketing and Brand Head for PayMaya Philippines.

“We are one with PayMaya Philippines in their mission to provide consumers a service that is secure, hassle-free, and affordable. With this partnership, we are confident that more Filipinos will be able  to enjoy the convenience foodpanda offers to its customers.” Rommel Bulaquina, PR & Partnerships Lead, foodpanda Philippines. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Taste of Vietnam at Annam Noodle Bar

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

It's almost Christmas, and the cold weather is here again. What better way to relax amid the holiday stress and the traffic is to have a hot bowl of Pho and more delicious Vietnamese food. 

My friend and I went to Eastwood a few days ago to dine at the recently opened Annam Noodle Bar by NamNam Singapore. NamNam Noodle Bar in Singaporewas founded by Chef Nam, a Vietnamese chef who has lived and worked in different parts of the world but has kept to his Vietnamese roots. 

Annam Noodle Bar is proud to declare that the dishes they serve have no MSG, quick serve style to cater to people who are always on the go. 

For starters, we had the Crispy Imperial Rolls (Php 200) and samples of Fresh Southern Rolls (Php 170) and Vegetarian Southern Rolls (Php 170).

Crispy Imperial Rolls
Fresh Southern Roll and Vegetarian Southern Roll

The Crispy Imperial Rolls, with a mix of shrimp and pork fillings was absolutely delicious. I love the straightforward flavors combined with the crispiness of the wrapper and the slightly spicy dip that comes with it. 

The Fresh Southern Rolls has prawn, pork, fresh herbs and peanut sauce. We liked both rolls, and really loved the thick peanut sauce as dips. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Delicious Authentic Thai at Thaipan

Thai food is one of my beloved cuisines. I fell so deeply in love with the country and the food that I have traveled to Thailand twice for the past three years. I have learned to cook the most popular Thai dishes, however, I still love eating out and exploring Thai restaurants in the metro. 

I have first visited this resto a few years ago and was really impressed, and I am glad to be invited this time to try more dishes. 

Mieng Kham

We started with Mieng Kham (Php 185), a traditional Thai appetizer with ingredients representing each flavor of Thai cuisine. We also had Pomelo Salad (Php 330), with chicken, shrimp and garlic flakes tossed in spicy dressing. 

Pomelo Salad

For soups, we had the Tom Yum Kung (Php 395) and Tom Khaa Kai (Php 298).

Tom Yum Kung
Tom Khaa Kai

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dapitan55: The One-Stop Place for You and Your Car

These days, we do our best to save time and effort hence we try do a lot of things simultaneously, or do something productive as we wait.

While having your car washed, repaired, or improved, why not enjoy some good food, have a relaxing massage, or play some board games while drinking coffee? You can do all of that and more at Dapitan55

Dapitan55 is the newly-opened lifestyle complex in Banawe area where you can eat, relax, and play while waiting for your car service. My friends and I got to spend a whole day and visited some shops in this hip complex. 

For you:

1. Garage Cafe

Our first stop is Garage Cafe, the car-inspired Chinese restaurant inside the complex. 

The place serves dishes good for solo diners and for sharing. 

For our lunch, we were served Hot & Sour Soup (Php 150), Asado (Php 230), and Roast Liempo (Php 230).

Hot & Sour Soup
Roasted Liempo

Monday, November 28, 2016

Kumori Signature Matcha Cheese Tarts!

If you got addicted to Kumori bestsellers like the Hanjuku Cheese, Toyohashi Pudding, Krone, and Cottage Cheese, you will surely love the newest item in their menu: the Signature MATCHA Cheese Tarts.

The perfect marriage of cheese and matcha in one tart, these matcha cheese tarts can be enjoyed three ways: warm, cool and frozen. The flavors of matcha and cheese were nicely blended that you'd want to eat more. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Taste of Greece at Kos Greek Ouzeri

Mediterranean cuisine is deemed as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. With dishes using healthy ingredients such as whole grain, fish, olive oil and vegetables, Greek cuisine is something you'd want to eat every day. 

I admire Greek cuisine, however, there isn't a lot of options for this particular cuisine in Manila and I was glad to be introduced to Kos Greek Ouzeri at UP Town Center.

Kos Greek Ouzeri is owned by Chef Mats Loo, who also owns First Gourmet Academy in Quezon City. 

An Ouzeri is a Greek tavern that serves ouzo or Greek liquor along with mezedes and other small dishes. 

Mezedes Sampler of 5

We started with Mezedes Sampler of 5 (Php 375) served with unlimited breads. We tried Melitzanosalata, Tzatziki, Hummus, Artichoke Spinach Spread and Roasted Cauliflower & Garlic Spread. Melitzanosalata is roasted eggplant with garlic, white wine vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice while Tzatziki is yogurt cucumber dip flavored with garlic, dill, olive oil and lemon juice. I enjoyed all dips but I'm partial with Hummus, Artichoke Spinach Spread and Melitzanosalata.

Kos Salata

Friday, October 21, 2016

[UPDATED] 5th Anniversary Giveaway #5: Foodsource PH!

I'm back from vacation and starting a new giveaway. I'll be giving away goodies from Foodsource PH! 

Foodsource PH is an online platform where you can shop quality Filipino food products and have it delivered at your door. These products are sourced from different parts of the Philippines
and made more available for consumers through Foodsource PH. 

Foodsource PH has a wide variety of food products - from spreads, coffee, chocolates, wines, tea,
snacks to bottled seafood and fruits. You'll surely get something here for Christmas giveaways for
family and friends. :)


Two winners will receive Php 480 worth of goodies each from Foodsource PH! This giveaway is open to all readers in the Philippines.

Each winner will receive the following: one (1) bottle of Pik-a-Pikel Pickled Mango 250 g (one winner will get the spicy or the regular), one (1) bottle of TheBasics Coconut Sugar Peanut Butter and one (1) Hiraya 72% Single Origin Dark Chocolate from Malabog Davao.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wholesome Refreshment with Oishi Great Lakes Juices

A few weeks ago, my family and I received a package from Oishi Great Lakes Juices Pure Pressed Apple Juice and Red Grape Juice. 

Great Lakes is Oishi's line of all-natural fruit juices, which means no artificial flavor and sweetener added. We have school kids at home and it's a huge deal for us that we are giving them healthy drinks for baon. 

Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple is made from 100% apple juice. It is not too sweet and packed with fiber.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Add Extra Cheer to Your Holiday Toast with Franzia

The most wonderful time of the year is finally just around the corner, and what is a better way to celebrate the festive season than to open a box of Franzia for every gathering. With the classy packaging of the three liter wine, a box of Franzia would already be more than perfect to share with friends in a small sized office, with your Christmas party barkada or a family reunion during Noche Buena.

Made from the finest grapes in California USA and known as the world’s best-selling wine, Franzia’s innovative Smart Tap technology amps up its freshness and quality which make the wine fresh and delicious up to its last glass.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gives You 5 Ways to Love Mondays

The country’s authority on coffee and tea partners with some of today's most inspiring individuals to make Mondays better for customers.

Whether you love them or you hate them, Mondays are inevitable. They confirm the end of the weekend and mark the start of the work week for everyone. No one can escape them. Constantly finding ways to pour happy for its customers, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has partnered with a few rare individuals who love Mondays to provide five surefire ways to see the first day of the work week in a new light. 

Know your purpose. 

Industrial designer and founder of design company Studio Magee Lilianna Manahan has gained international recognition for her imaginative art. Achieving success in the creative industry requires long hours of disciplined work, as well as a constant search for artistic inspiration. Manahan meets this challenge every Monday by frequently returning to her purpose. "A fellow designer told me he 'renews his contract' every year with God — his ultimate boss — so that he knows what he is  doing is where God wants him. I do the same. Whether I'm on an early morning road trip to check on samples, or concentrating on drawing my home accessories and sipping on tea, work is such a delight and an adventure because I know this what He wants for me!" 

Set goals that help others. 

Founder of MovEd and social entrepreneur Alex Eduque remains true to her purpose by doing work she knows will positively impact the lives of others. "I consider myself blessed to be able to do something for the benefit of the greater good, on a daily basis. I am truly grateful that I'm able to live my life in a meaningful manner, pursuing my passions and forging creative collaborations. No matter how tough the going gets, the fulfillment I gain in what I do is unparalleled. I encourage everyone to find that spark of inspiration in the little things—like your favorite cup of tea to start your day with that make up your daily grind. This is what will turn your Monday blues around for the better, forever." 

Be positive. 

Internationally recognized comic artist Harvey Tolibao started his career drawing on paper napkins. He has come a long way since then, now working with the biggest names in the industry, Marvel and DC Comics.  He attributes his success to meeting Mondays with positivity. “I feel privileged to be able work with the comic greats. I make start my week with optimism and a delicious cup of tea to get my creative juices for fresh ideas. I always aspire to take my artistry to a higher level. Many people don't get excited for Mondays, but not me. As an illustrator, I look forward to Mondays because they signify a fresh start and an opportunity for me to fine-tune my work. ” 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Press Release: Better at One Deals by Novotel Manila Araneta Center!

Novotel Manila Araneta Center is turning one this October 12!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Novotel Manila Araneta Center is giving us amazing anniversary deals beginning October 12.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Makansutra: Singaporean Hawker Food Arrives in Manila!

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

Though I haven't been to Singapore, I have always been fascinated with their cuisine. A melting pot of Southeast Asia, Singaporean cuisine is a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and cuisines from other neighboring countries. 

Singapore's delectable cuisine is reintroduced to the Philippines with the opening of Makansutra in SM Megamall. Makansutra is a Singapored-based food market founded by KF Seetoh, an expert in Singaporean cuisine. 

Makansutra has 12 stalls (including the beverage and desserts bar locatedin the middle). Each stall has a distinct menu, so we tried our best to sample one dish per stall. However, we only got to try only 6 stalls during this visit. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

[UPDATED] 5th Anniversary Giveaway #4: Toni & Sergio!

A Spanish-Italian treat for the fourth part of my 5th anniversary giveaway courtesy of Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano. :)

Opened early this year at the Venice Grand Canal Mall, this new restaurant concept is named after two Italian brothers who has a preference for Italian and Spanish cuisines.

While you can enjoy Italian fares like pizza and pasta, you can also have Spanish dishes such as paella, pollo, and many others. 

Toni & Sergio also serves a variety of drinks: from Italian soda, coffee to cocktails and wine, you will surely have a great time with your friends and family at this resto.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

NYC Eats: Captain's Pizzeria

A few days before I left New York, my boyfie brought me to Captain's Pizzeria at The Bronx for dinner. 

A true mom-and-pop restaurant, we waited for a few days for the resto to reopen because the family who owns the place went for vacation. 

The restaurant has a take-out counter in front and a dining area at the back. 

To start our meal, we were served freshly-baked breads and butter. The breads arrived warm, so we dug it right away. The boyfie told me that we can ask for as much bread as we want. 

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