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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Creamery Resto and Ice Cream Bar

Note: This location is already closed. The Creamery has focused on their catering services. 

Before we went to the Mall of Asia Arena to watch Paramore's concert, we had dinner at The Creamery Resto and Ice Cream Bar. Ms. Michelle Co of Masatami gave me a Christmas package and this includes a GC for The Creamery (thanks a lot Michelle!) so my friends and I tried The Creamery for the first time. 

The Creamery is actually inside the Selecta Kids Universe. Hey, we're watching a bagets concert, so might as well be thorough about the bagets thing. Hihihi. :)

The staff was kinda busy fixing the area, maybe they're preparing for a kiddie party as it's more popular for being a kids party venue, but they accommodated us  anyway. While waiting for our orders, we entertained ourselves with the toys at our table.

Believe me, even a mature person would get curious too. 

For appetizer, we had Nachos (Php 145).


I was expecting cheese sauce but I think it's just mayo. Anyway, it was good enough to munch on while we're waiting for our other orders.

We also had an All-Meat Pizza (Php 265) and Creamy Chicken Pesto (Php 195).

All-Meat Pizza
Creamy Chicken Pesto

The pizza was very simple. I found the pizza sauce sweet, well, I guess it's really for the kids. I loved the Creamy Chicken Pesto, but the pasta was a little under-cooked. 

What made our day was the Boneless Chicken Barbecue (Php 180).

Boneless Chicken Barbecue

Served with java rice and pickled veggies, the chicken was really flavorful and tender. This dish can actually compete with popular chicken barbecues around.

For desserts, we had their ice cream cakes: Frozen Mango Torte (Php 105 for a slice) and Blueberry Cheesecake (Php 110 for a slice).

Frozen Mango Torte
Blueberry Cheesecake
Here's a little story about it: my friend and I missed reading the "ice cream cakes" heading on the menu because we were so engrossed with the photos that we thought they're just cakes. Anyway, no complaints here. hahaha. :) The ice cream cakes can also be bought as a whole.

The Creamery is a nice place for kids, and even adults! The dishes are affordable and simple. Parents can even hang out here while the kids are playing in the area. I seriously want to go back to try the sundaes, parfaits and other ice cream cakes. 

Yes, it's really fun to be a kid once again. :)


The Creamery Resto and Ice Cream Bar 
Ground Floor 
SELECTA Kids Universe
SM Mall of Asia, 
Bay Boulevard, 
Pasay City
Contact Nos. 5569195, 9011424, 09178224373


  1. I was able to go here before, but only tried out the ice cream. Meals looks good pero parang ang liit ng serving ng pasta... haha. :P


    1. Yeah, the pasta was a little bitin, but we ordered lots of other dishes so okay lang.hehe. :)

  2. Oh my! This could easily be one of my fave places. Ice cream, nachos and pizza? I'm sold! :)

  3. Ganda ng center table design. Cute nga nunidea. Pwedeng pang wedding.


  4. The place definitely looks something like my kids would enjoy. :)

    1. It really is, Guia! Hope you'll try this with the kids soon. :)

  5. wow the place looks like a childs heaven! knowing that adults will ove the place too it is such a perfect palce to eat desserts! xx

    1. Yes! I'd love to try more desserts here too. :)

  6. They have regular meals din pala. I thought they only sold ice cream and other sweets. =)

    1. Yes they have. They have lots of other dishes on their menu, aside from what we ordered. :)

  7. oh well... ginutom mo na naman ako... in fairness mukha namang reasonable ang prices ha... I want the pasta...tsaka yung boneless chicken...pakontes ka naman ng GC....joke... hehehe

  8. yum for the desserts! torte and cheese cake! :D


  9. I read about this as suggested venue for children's party. I thought they only served ice cream. Parang it's a nice place for a kids party nga.

  10. I'm rarely at MOA so I haven't tried this but the food look interesting! :D

  11. cool! a play ground ice cream pub for kids... thanks for sharing

  12. Wow! :) What a nice place :)) The desserts look super divine!

  13. Masarap ba yung Frozen Mango Torte at Blueberry Cheesecake? :)

  14. My sweet tooth tells me I should try this soon ;)


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