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Monday, September 17, 2012

Masatami Shave Ice

Note: This branch is already closed. 

After our lunch at Kangaroo Jack, I dragged my friend to Masatami Shave Ice so I could use the GCs Richie gave me during our Zark's meet-up. (Thanks Richie!)

Fortunately, I was given two GCs of their bestsellers, so I was able to share a free dessert with a friend. :)

Shave Ice is a common dessert in some Asian countries like Taiwan, China and Malaysia. Actually, Filipinos also share the same love for shaved ice, we have halo-halo, mais con hielo, and one of my street favorites: ice scramble. :)

Masatami Shave Ice offers Hawaiian Shave Ice and Flavored Shave Ice, available in various flavors. They also have sugar-free syrups and liquor syrups. I haven't tried it before but the staff was very patient with assisting us (thumbs up!)

We had a large Buko Pandan Shave Ice with Azuki Beans, Pearls and Nata de Coco (Php 109).

Buko Pandan Shave Ice with Azuki Beans, Pearls and Nata de Coco

It's one of their bestselling flavored shave ice with some of the add-ons. It almost has an ice cream-like consistency,  something I really like. But I only had some of it, since it was my friend's dessert. :P

What I had was a large Rainbow Hawaiian Shave Ice with Snow Cap, Azuki Beans and Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 93).

Rainbow Hawaiian Shave Ice with Snow Cap, Azuki Beans and Vanilla Ice Cream

It has three syrups: Strawberry, Banana and Bubble Gum, which gives a rainbow effect to the shave ice. The Azuki Beans and Vanilla Ice Cream are at the bottom and the sweet Snow Cap is on top. I loved it! I got really giddy when I saw it. I enjoyed eating it, as any child would. :) It was too huge for me though, I guess I should have shared some to my friend. Haha.

Masatami Shave Ice menu

I'd definitely go back to Masatami Shave Ice. They have other flavors that I'd really love to try, like the Swiss Cheese and Peanut Flavored Shave Ice. No need to wait for summer for wonderful and cool desserts like this.


Masatami Shave Ice
(in front of Robinson's Supermarket),
Robinson's Galleria
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue,
Quezon City

Other locations are Glorietta 4 and SM Mall of Asia


  1. Such a great post. Love it!

    Have a great week!



    New post - Bonton Look!

  2. tried this during the ultimate taste test! we had their swiss cheese, peanut and black sesame duo and langka.. :)

  3. This is what I need. It's still super hot where I am.

  4. waaah. shaved ice! i never tried it cause my teeth is so sensitive. i wish i can try :(
    Win a Leather Jacket on The Bargain Doll :)

    1. I hope you'll try it. :) Maybe share it with a friend? :)

  5. I honestly cannot finish a cup because of my sensitive teeth :( But I always appreciate those colors and big portion sizes.

  6. Swiss Cheese, Buko Pandan, and Langka are my favorites so far! Though I need to try Peanut Butter soon :)))

  7. I recently tried swiss cheese it was sooo good! I also tried the ones you had, Buko Pandan is more to my liking because I find the rainbow thingy too sweet.

  8. di pa ako nakakatikim niyan....pero gusto ko ang langka flavor..

  9. the Rainbow Hawaiian Shaved Ice looks like something that came out of a cartoon show. I would sure love to try one someday. But I must find a buddy to share it with. it's humongous!

  10. I just saw this in the Ultimate Taste Test and tried two of their flavors, peanut and Swiss cheese. The latter was so heavenly I was able to finish it kahit sobrang busog na ko nung mga panahong yun. I'm now curious about their pandan flavor, mukhang masarap eh.

    1. The pandan flavor was good!! :) Hope you'll try it soon.

  11. I'm definitely going to let B and K try this out. They'd love it!

  12. the rainbow hawaiian shave ice is so pretty! the swiss cheese is soooo good!

  13. hopefully magkaroon uli ng ng giveaways!! I swear I will join! Sana noon ko pa nalaman ang blog nyo :(


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