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Dinner at The Black Sheep in Manassas

Northern Virginia is starting to become a culinary hotspot that driving to Washington D.C. for good food. As much as I love traveling long distances for delicious food, I also constantly search for amazing food spots in my area. One of the newly-opened places that we discovered and were blown away with is The Black Sheep Restaurant located at the Farm Brew Live campus. 

Located inside the gorgeous 1920s Thomasson Barn, The Black Sheep serves both modern American dishes, sushi and sashimi, and a wide array of wines, spirits, and beers. 

While enjoying some drinks, we typically order their shared plates or appetizers. So far, we have tried the Spanish Garlic Shrimp ($14), Fried Green Tomatoes ($11), and Hushpuppies ($10). 

Spanish Garlic Shrimp
Fried Green Tomatoes


While I enjoyed these dishes, I'm quite partial to the Spanish Garlic Shrimp and the Fried Green Tomatoes. The Spanish Garlic Shrimp bursts with garlicky flavor that I really love while Fried Green Tomatoes has the right amount of tartness balanced by the goat cheese crema on top. I highly recommend asking for extra bread when you order the Spanish Garlic Shrimp to wipe the rest of the roast garlic chili oil off the plate. 

A popular shared plate that you shouldn't miss is the Bacon Tower ($14), which is candied nueske bacon, torched tableside. 

Bacon Tower

The Bacon Tower is four thick slices of bacon pinned small clothesline with a branch of rosemary, torched by our server tableside (who shares that he torches bacon several times a night). The bacon has a smokey flavor due to the torching and is slightly on the sweeter side. I wouldn't mind having this again. 

Black Sheep also serves sushi, sashimi, and rolls using locally-sourced ingredients. We ordered the Jalapeño Yellowtail Sashimi ($13) and Nigiri Sushi (2 pcs per serving). 

Jalapeño Yellowtail Sashimi

Served with yuzu ponzu sauce, Jalapeño Yellowtail Sashimi blew our minds away. Each piece completely melts in the mouth and bursts of flavor from the jalapeño and yuzu ponzu. For sushi, I order nigiri sushi whenever available because good quality sushi should be kept simple. So far, I have tried Tako or Octopus ($8), Unagi or Freshwater Eel ($9), Sake or Salmon ($9), Ebi or Shrimp ($7), Tuna or Maguro ($8), Yellowtail or Hamachi ($9), Fatty Tuna or Otoro ($13), and Super White Tuna or Escolar ($9). I loved all the nigiri sushi that I have tried (I believe I only have Spam Musubi left to try), but I highly recommend trying the Yellowtail, Salmon, Freshwater Eel, and Fatty Tuna. 

After enjoying shared plates and sushi, it is challenging to eat more and try Black Sheep's entrees. We have tried Wild Mushroom Gnocchi ($19) and Halibut with Broccolini which was a special menu item during our visit. 

Wild Mushroom Gnocchi
Halibut with Broccolini

The servings of both dishes were quite generous that we weren't able to finish everything. The gnocchi and halibut were delicious and flavorful - definitely worth the price. 

Summer Blossom ($12)

I love sushi, and I am always on the lookout for a place near us that offers excellent quality sushi, and I'm thrilled that Black Sheep is finally here for those cravings. Aside from the sushi, I was blown away by the delectable shared plates especially the Spanish Garlic Shrimp and Bacon Tower. The service is always impeccable every time we visit. Two tips before visiting: always get a reservation and arrive hungrily. I can't wait to return really, really soon. 


The Black Sheep Restaurant
9935 Discovery Blvd,
Manassas, VA 20109


  1. What are the hushpuppies? Is it a potato dish? By the way, that bacon tower is lit (no pun intended). I have definitely not seen bacon being served that way, what an Instagrammable moment, lol. Personally, I'd love to try the halibut with broccolini, that one looks appetizing.

    1. Hushpuppies are fried cornmeal-based dough. That bacon tower was really amazing. Too bad I was on the other end of the table when our server was torching it. I bet you'll love their nigiri too!


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