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Breakfast at Becca Restaurant and Garden

Since my last blog post was about a dinner experience, I'm back to add another breakfast/brunch experience and maybe eventually turn this food and travel website into a brunch review blog. LOL. 

For our short trip to Virginia Beach, we stayed at The Historic Cavalier Hotel. Completed in the 1920s, this hotel is known to be the accommodation of old Hollywood stars and several U.S. Presidents. The hotel has undergone extensive restoration work and reopened in early 2018. 

The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach

Our accommodation includes access to the Cavalier Beach Club across the street and breakfast vouchers to Becca Restaurant which located on the ground floor of the hotel. Becca serves modernized traditional American dishes using locally sourced produce and fresh seafood. 

To minimize overcrowding inside the restaurant, we had to reserve our table for breakfast at Becca. We have dined twice and we sat indoors for our first visit and outdoors on our second visit. 

inside Becca

Becca garden area

During our first visit, I ordered The Cavalier Benedict ($21) while my date tried the "Old Cavalier" Bourbon Brioche French Toast ($14). 

The Cavalier Benedict
"Old Cavalier" Bourbon Brioche French Toast

The Cavalier Benedict is eggs benedict with jumbo lump crab, tomatoes, and spinach served with home fries on the side. The eggs were perfectly poached and the amount of crab meat was overwhelming, which I extremely enjoyed. I will definitely have this dish again. The "Old Cavalier" Bourbon Brioche French Toast is custard-battered brioche with cinnamon pecan butter. Staying to using locally sourced ingredients, "Old Cavalier" is a brand of bourbon distilled by Tarnished Truth Distillery which is located in the basement level of The Cavalier Hotel. This dish is creamy and not overwhelmingly sweet which makes it easy to finish - and I swear it was gone in seconds. 

For our second visit - which is a Sunday brunch, we ordered our favorite brunch cocktails House Bloody Mary ($12) and Classic Mimosa ($12). 

House Bloody Mary and Classic Mimosa

For entrees, we ordered Chicken and Waffles ($16), Pungo Farmhouse ($22), and House Made Cinnamon Bun ($6). 

Chicken and Waffles
Pungo Farmhouse
House Made Cinnamon Bun

Chicken and Waffles are buttermilk Belgian waffle with battered chicken breast - a true classic that never gets old. Pungo Farmhouse is the elevated version of steak and eggs - medium-rare charbroiled steak, two poached eggs, cheddar cheese grits, and gravy. I liked the tenderness of the steak but would have liked it better with a little more salt. The eggs and grits were perfectly cooked though. The cinnamon bun was served a little toasted which we liked and generously topped with cream cheese frosting. I would have loved to eat the whole thing if I didn't order a steak for brunch. 

Dining at Becca for breakfast made our stay at The Cavalier Hotel a lot more special. All the dishes that we had were exceptional - especially The Cavalier Benedicts and the "Old Cavalier" Bourbon Brioche French Toast. Our servers are quite accommodating and made us feel very comfortable. I would definitely love to return and try more breakfast items or maybe try their lunch or dinner menu next. 


Becca Restaurant and Garden 
The Cavalier Hotel
4200 Atlantic Ave,
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
(757) 965-9899