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Weekend Brunch at Trummer's

During the past few months, a lot of places in my area started to reopen and attempt to return to normal, somehow. One of the places that I was able to visit recently is Trummer's located in Clifton, Virginia. Trummer's (formerly called Trummer's on Main) was recently awarded as the winner of Upscale Brunch of the Year by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. 

I was able to visit this place for brunch prior to the pandemic and enjoyed my experience and decided that it would a good idea to revisit to try their new brunch menu. 

Currently, Trummer's brunch schedule is only every Saturday but is otherwise open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. Reservations are not required but are highly recommended. 

As a foodie, I enjoy visiting restaurants with classic menus but I have an appreciation for restaurants such as Trummer's that regularly change their menu items, so the dishes that we have tried during this visit may not be available if you visit them for brunch. 

Bloody Mary

While enjoying our Sangria ($10) and Bloody Mary ($10) with our brewed coffee, we started with the Pastry Basket ($9) and Truffle Fries ($9). 

Pastry Basket

The pastry basket has three types of bread served with strawberry jam and butter. We didn't really figure out the bread and we didn't bother asking the server but we assumed one is a muffin and one must be zucchini bread. Everything was delicious and freshly-baked - I particularly enjoyed the creamy butter and jam that was served with it. 

Truffle Fries

It is a fact that I love anything flavored with truffle so ordering Truffle Fries is a no-brainer. It was served with garlic aioli and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. The serving size perfect for the two of us and the crispiness is just right. 

For soups and salad, we ordered these two interesting dishes: Summer Vegetable Gazpacho ($7) and Local Summer Melon ($9). 

Summer Vegetable Gazpacho

Local Summer Melon

Gazpacho is a type of soup typically served cold. I love hot soups but since gazpacho is the only soup dish they had that time, I gave in and tried it. Mixed with corn salad and croutons, it tastes like a cross between a vegetable smoothie and a creamy soup that has gone cold. It was flavorful but I will probably skip this next time. However, Local Summer Melon is a different story - our server described it as a hybrid of soup and salad but with fruits. It has different types of melon with olives and manchego cheese to bring some saltiness to the dish and mint leaves to enhance the sweetness and saltiness as you eat a spoonful. 

We were almost full at this point but we thought that we shouldn't miss trying the entrees. We had a Shrimp Caesar Salad ($14) and Cornmeal Fried Snapper ($18). 

Shrimp Caesar Salad
Cornmeal Fried Snapper

Instead of the traditional lettuce, the Shrimp Caesar Salad was served with kale, celery, tomatoes, and croutons along with a huge portion of shrimps and caesar dressing. On the other hand, the Cornmeal Fried Snapper was served with coleslaw, remoulade, and fries - our server upgraded the fries to truffle fries which was appreciated but a little overwhelming since we already had a serving of Truffle Fries earlier. Miscommunication aside, both entrees are really impressive. The serving sizes are both quite generous without sacrificing the quality of the dishes. 

Due to the countless positive reviews and customers raving about this place (including myself), we visited Trummer's with extremely high expectations, and those expectations were exceeded. The laid-back ambiance is perfect for brunch, the service was excellent, and the food was amazing! I would definitely return to try new brunch items or maybe to try their dinner experience next. 


Trummer's Restaurant
7134 Main Street 
Clifton, Virginia