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Momofuku CCDC in Washington DC

There are a lot of restaurants that I want to try in Washington DC but on top of my list is Momofuku in CityCenterDC. Momofuku CCDC is under the Momofuku restaurant group founded by Chef David Chang, better known for his Netflix show "Ugly Delicious".

I reserved via OpenTable for late dinner. I highly recommended reserving in advance as the restaurant gets really packed, especially during weekends. Momofuku CCDC's menu changes frequently so what we had during our dinner may not be available in their current menu. 

Momofuku CCDC's menu is mostly Asian inspired, probably driven by the restaurant's new executive chef Tae Strain who was born in Seoul but grew up in nearby Maryland. 

Salted Chili Pimiento Cheese Bing Bread / Dry Aged Beef & Lamb Dumplings

For starters, we had Salted Chili Pimiento Cheese Bing Bread ($6) and Dry Aged Beef & Lamb Dumplings ($15). Bing bread is the wheat-flour based Chinese bread almost similar to a pancake. I initially thought that it wasn't enough bread for the spread but I realized the chili pimiento was meant to be spread generously. The spicy kick wasn't too overpowering so I enjoyed it with the soft bing bread. I was surprised with the flavor and tenderness of the Dry Aged Beef & Lamb Dumplings and was happy we ordered it.

Soy Marinated Steak Ssam

For our main dish, we had Soy Marinated Steak Ssam ($88) with Grilled Rapini ($8) on the side. Ssam, which means "wrapped" in Korean, is usually served with lettuce. The Soy Marinated Steak Ssam, which is good for 3 to 4 persons, is served with bibb lettuce, gochujang, beef fat, and mushroom rice. 

The Soy Marinated Steak Ssam is seriously the best beef dish that I have ever eaten for a long time. My first bite had me cursing the chef for being the genius that he is for creating this dish. The meat literally (and I dislike using the word literally) melts in your mouth but still packed with flavor that I will definitely go back just to have this dish again. I can go on and on about the wave of positive emotions that I felt while eating this steak ssam but I'd rather just have you try it for yourself.  

 Grilled Rapini / Ssam side dishes

For dessert, there is an option of ordering from Milk Bar (and order that delicious crack pie), but we chose to have Chocolate Coffee Custard ($9) from Momofuku's dessert menu. Chocolate Coffee Custard has creme fraiche, almonds, and mint. I liked that our dessert was light and not too sweet which complimented the heavy dinner we had. 

Chocolate Coffee Custard

Overall, Momofuku CCDC is one of the best dinners I have had in quite a long time. The food was excellent from start to end, the service is amazing, and the whole experience is outstanding. I cannot wait to return for more. 


Momofuku CCDC
1090 I St NW
Washington, DC 20001
Twitter: @momofuku 


  1. Wanna try this in the future! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow. All pictures looking yummy!

    1. Thank you! Did my best to take photos nicely even if the lighting wasn't that great for food photography. LOL

  3. I'm really curious about how the taste and flavors compare to that of the food served by American restaurants here in the Philippines. Anyway, the soy marinated steak looks good in pictures; I'm sure it tastes as good. Th colors are lovely!


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