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The French Crepe Company + Wanderlust Ice Cream in Los Angeles

During my short trip to California, my friend and I drove to Los Angeles for a weekend trip. This was my first time in L.A. so I was excited to do tourist stuff. Fortunately, I was able to try to visit some foodie spots in between. 

The Grove in LA
After doing an early morning trek to the Griffith Observatory, we went to The Grove at Farmers
Market for brunch. The Grove is an outdoor mall and a popular tourist destination because it is also the same location as the original Farmer's Market. We walked around Farmer's Market and ended up getting brunch at The French Crepe Company in the Farmer's Market, partly because it wasn't as crowded as the other food stalls and also because most of the staff are Filipino. :)

Beef Stroganoff Savory Crepe
Waffle Sorbonne
I ordered a Beef Stroganoff Savory Crepe ($11) with Caffe Latte ($3.40), while my friend got a Waffle Sorbonne ($9), and we both ordered extra bacon.

I love how tender the beef strips and how creamy the mushroom sauce in my crepe. It was delicious but I found it too heavy for brunch. I should have got a lighter option for my crepe. My friend's waffle was quite huge too, with generous amounts of bananas and chocolate syrup. Suffice to say that we were too full that we didn't feel hunger until later in the day. 

Instead of grabbing more food in the afternoon, we decided to go to Wanderlust Creamery in Glendale for some travel-inspired ice cream flavors. 

I've read about Wanderlust on social media a few months prior and bookmarked it in case I end up going to L.A. And I'm such a dessert fanatic that I'll travel for sweets. LOL

Wanderlust Creamery is owned by Filipino Americans, hence they have Ube ice cream on their
menu. YAY!!!! 

The flavors they had were pretty interesting that it took us a while to choose which flavors to try. Good thing we can have a single scoop split into two flavors for $5. I had Ube Malted Crunch + Sticky Rice & Mango while my friend had Gianduja + Hawaiian Toast & Guava Jam. 

Ube Malted Crunch + Sticky Rice and Mango
Gianduja + Hawaiian Toast & Guava Jam

Some flavors are on the regular menu but some flavors are seasonal. Anyway, we were both amazed  on the combination of flavors that we had. My Ube and mango combination made me really miss home. We would have loved to try more flavors but we had to make room for dinner. :P

I wish they'd bring this store to the East Coast soon. 


The French Crepe Company
Farmer's Market The Grove
6333 West Third Street & Fairfax
Los Angeles, California
Twitter: @FrenchCrepeCo 

Wanderlust Creamery
3134 Glendale Blvd.,
Los Angeles, California 90039
Twitter: @eatwanderlust