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iDessert By Jean-Philippe in San Diego

My friend and I were walking along Little Italy one night and stopped by this colorful dessert shop named iDessert by Jean-Philippe.

Photo from iDessert website

iDessert serves a variety of desserts: gelato, sorbets, crepes, and the chef's own creation of Dessert, which is made up of meringue crust, gelato, flavored cream, sauce, and other toppings.

The place has tablets where you can put and pay for your orders. You can watch the desserts being made at the counter while waiting for your desserts.

My friend ordered one of the Chef's Favorite Desserts, Intense ($8.95) while I got a Banana Foster Crepe ($10.25).

Banana Foster Crepe

Intense has an Oreo Crust, Chocolate Gelato, Coffee Cream, Chocolate Cake, and Vanilla Sauce.

The signature dessert is a delight to watch, even the kids outside the window were watching how my
friend would eat her dessert. I definitely should have ordered one as well, but my crepe isn't bad at all.

I really love desserts and it is fun to see how iDessert created a wonderful combination of sweet
flavors to almost a work of art. I hope they'll set up shop in the east coast someday. :)


iDessert by Jean-Philippe
1608 India Street, Suite 104,
San Diego, California 92101
Twitter: @iDessertSD