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Home Cooking 101: Java Japanese Curry by House Foods

Let me share something with you: there are only three types of curry that I like - Filipino, Thai, and Japanese. It is probably because of my weak tolerance for spicy dishes, but I'm currently improving, thanks to that someone who force feeds me spicy food. :P

Java Curry, along with Vermont Curry and Kokumaro Curry, is a product of House Foods Corporation in Japan, one of the most prominent Japanese food producers in the world. 

Last week, we cooked Chicken Curry using Java Curry's Hot Variant. Cooking with Java Curry has three easy steps.

1. Cut up all the vegetables and meat.

2. Fry the vegetables and meat.

3. Add curry mix and 1500 ml water to the pot, then simmer. 

The dish is fragrant after simmering, and the curry was not as spicy as we expected, however, it was still a delightful and healthy dish to have. I would definitely buy this when I crave for Japanese curry again!

A pack of Java Curry is priced at Php189.50 can serve up to 9 people. Vermont Curry (Php 189.50) can serve up to 12 people and Kokumaro Curry (Php 133.50) can serve up to 8 people. 

These curry mixes are now available in all SM Supermarkets, Rustan's Supermarket in Luzon and selected areas in Visayas and Mindanao. 

Note: Thanks to Philippine Primer for these goodies.