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Woody's Breakfast and Burgers in San Diego

When in San Diego, hitting the beach in the morning seemed like the best thing to do, so my friend and I drove to Pacific Beach for some sunlight and breakfast. 

We stopped by Woody's Breakfast and Burgers, which has an outdoor patio full of beach-goers eating breakfast early in the morning. Feeling that the food must be good, we lined up for breakfast and coffee. 

K.I.S.S. Breakfast Plate, Freedom Style

I ordered a K.I.S.S. breakfast plate, freedom style ($10) with scrambled eggs, sugar-spiced bacon, and rosemary potatoes and English muffin and a cup of Latte ($3 for 12 oz). 

My friend went healthy with a KT Bowl ($8.50), which is pure acai sorbet with strawberries, bananas, blackberries, and granola and a cup of Hot Chocolate ($3 for 12 oz). 

KT Bowl

We ordered to go, and sat by the beach to eat our breakfast while basking in the summer sun. Our breakfast was really delicious and a good starter for a long day ahead. Woody's Breakfast is the place to go for hearty and healthy breakfast if you are at the Pacific beach. I would love to go back and try their burgers too!


Woody's Breakfast and Burgers
4111 Ocean Blvd
(between Pacific Beach Dr. & Reed Ave.)
San Diego, California 92109
Opening Hours: 7:00AM to Sunset
Twitter: @WoodysPB