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Reality Bites: On Living and Settling Overseas


Living outside the Philippines is not as fun. Nothing can beat the hustle and bustle of Manila streets, the noise from the neighbors singing videoke early in the morning, the lovely smell of the freshly baked pan de sal from the bakery in the corner (or Pan de Manila), the unforgiving heat even in the monsoon season. I definitely miss those and more every day that I'm here in the US. 

But we all are entitled to make our own choices, and I am one of the few who chose to live elsewhere. However, this doesn't mean that the choice I made is an easy one. 

To be honest, I underestimated homesickness. I never thought I would have to deal with it as I enjoy being away from home, but settling to a new environment hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I never thought that I would start bawling watching a Jollibee ad, or cry for no reason at all. I must admit, even the most optimistic part of me cannot override the loneliness. 

It is true. Some friends who you thought will stay in touch will just disappear. They must be too busy with their own lives to deal with my drama, or may not realize that I would appreciate a simple 'Hi!' in my inbox. 

It is true. Life is more convenient here, and everything is done faster and better, but that doesn't mean I am living the 'good life'. We don't. We work as hard as you do. 

It is true. Living overseas will challenge you to take adulting to the next level, because most of the time, you wouldn't be relying on anyone else but you. 

I know some of you will say, "Why not go back home if you feel terrible there?". Nothing comes easily. Nobody climbed up a mountain without fighting gravity, same goes when you're trying to fit in to a new environment. 

I thought of writing this post to share about the realistic view on moving to a new home, adjusting  to a new culture and the emotions that come with it. 

These struggles should not stop us from exploring the world. 

Nothing should. 


  1. I used to read your blog a lot, because of food of course. I did not realize you have migrated. Being an expat I can tell you, these too will pass. Enjoy!


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