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Life Recently

It's been a month since I moved to the US and my whole life did a complete 360-degree turn. It's also the same reason why I haven't been blogging for a while. I am currently juggling new roles and I could say that I'm adjusting well to this new life. 


Kitchen experiments: Chicken with Mushroom Sauce with Mashed Potatoes and Veggies / Baked Rosemary Chicken with Veggies

Because I am not a 'housewife' yet, homemaker seems to fit me better. I am living with my boyfriend, which gives me a lot of household chores: cleaning, laundry, cooking, ironing (!), etc. Oh boy, it is not easy to maintain a whole house by yourself, and harder for somebody who was never used to doing chores regularly. I feel frustrated at myself sometimes on why I didn't learn these things earlier. However, I'm learning and getting better at it (especially cooking). Thanks to the boyfie for being so patient with me. 


Inside my university

I went back to school last January for my graduate degree in George Mason University. For the longest time, I have this fear of doing academics again as I was 'traumatized' by the constant pressure back in college. Fortunately, the school environment here in the US is completely different from the Philippines. I am grateful that my professors and classmates are quite welcoming and helpful, my class schedule is awesome, and my university is so beautiful.

Life Away From The Philippines

I miss my family and friends, it's challenging to be on a different timezone but I try my best to catch up whenever I can. 
I miss Filipino food. Good thing there's a Filipino store and restaurant a few miles from our house where I bought my supply of Lucky Me Pancit Canton and huge tub of Kare-Kare, but what I miss most are not available here (taho, pan de sal, sorbetes).
I miss attending blogging events. My heart breaks a little whenever I receive an email invite, but there's a lot of things to blog about here. 

I'm happy to be finally with my boyfie. We have been on a long distance relationship for almost two years, and it's never easy to be always staring at my phone, making sure I have internet connection, not get enough sleep because of the time difference, and to pack and unpack clothes every few months. 

my first snow! :)

I'm happy to not be stuck in traffic every day. Sorry for being tacky, but I love that the roads here are so wide and everyone follows the traffic rules that commuting here is quite easy. 
I'm happy to be in a colder weather. It's 45F (or 7C) as I'm writing this post and I'm loving it (except when it gets too windy). 
I'm happy that there's so much more to learn, to see and to try. 

I promise to blog more regularly from now on. I can't wait to share with you recipes of the dishes I'm cooking at home, places I have been and things I have tried here. :)


  1. Remember when we had that coffee/chocolate with Arline at Tweedle Book Cafe? Goddang I can't believe it happened 2 years ago! Life was so different back then, especially for you and Arline. You two are now happily taken while I remain the same old me hahaha... And I still remember you telling about this guy you didn't like the first time, who knew you two would end up together. I'm not sure if you remember me telling you to give it a shot because you'll never know, you might like him too, and you did! So I am really happy for you and that you two are finally together. It looks like you are adjusting pretty well and that's a good thing. I dream of going back to school too but also in abroad, not sure if it would happen for me but I'm glad that it happened to you. I think it's quite awesome that you get to learn in an environment so different from ours.

    Yes, there are many things to blog there, just write about them. At least now you will have different materials than the rest of us here hahaha...

    1. I have yet to find time to blog more. I will try my best! :)


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