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NYC Eats: The Bronx

Out of the five boroughs in New York City, The Bronx is probably the least explored by foodies. However, The Bronx has a diverse culinary culture. 

Here are the dishes the boyfie and I have tried during my stay:

Spinach Seafood Ravioli with Pink Sauce and Penne with Meatballs at Patricia's of Morris Park
The first restaurant the boyfie took me for dinner in New York. It can get really crowded so reserve as early as you can.

His and Hers ;) 
Muffins and Sandwiches by Scaglione Brothers Bakery and Deli
The boyfie's version of a sandwich. Turkey Bacon for the win. <3

Create-Your-Own Salads and Smoothies by Healthy Fresh
Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies for two. Extra peanut butter for him. :)

Zesty Burger, Fried Onion Burger, Fried Pickles with Nutella Milkshake and Teriyaki Wings by Burger Time
We love their Nutella Shakes!!! <3

Shell Steak by Captain's Pizzeria
My boyfie's favorite Italian place in the area :)

More food photos from my U.S. trip soon! :)