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Boulangerie22's Cheesus and Buongiorno Mochaccino!

It is not a secret that I'm obsessed with anything cheesy and I'm also a coffee addict, so it is safe to say that I will be more than willing to eat any food with these delectable flavors. 

A few days ago, Boulangerie22 sent me a wonderful package of their newest items for me to try. Meet the Real Mochaccino Cake and the Holy Cheesus. 

The Holy Cheesus is their golden 3-cheese bread with milky and buttery goodness, best eaten while hot. There are 3 variants: the Holy Cheesus (Php 149), the Blue Cheesus (Php 149), and the Hot Cheesus (Php 149). I got to try the Holy Cheese and the Hot Cheesus with my family.

Holy Cheesus!

The Holy Cheesus is filled with parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella inside a soft and buttery Japanese style fermented dough. It is recommended to reheat the Holy Cheesus in the oven for 15 minutes, or 17 minutes if refrigerated. 

Hot Cheesus!

The Hot Cheesus is the Holy Cheesus with Jalapeño added for a cheesy and spicy kick. The spiciness of the jalapeño blended well with the bread and cheese that even the kids enjoyed it. 

I have yet to try the Blue Cheesus, which is Holy Cheesus with aged blue cheese. If you love sharp-flavored cheeses, you'll definitely love it. 

Boulangerie22 also has a new signature cake, the Buongiorno Mochaccino Cake (Php 899).

Buongiorno Mochaccino

Created by the Korean master baker Kim Dong Minh, this cute cake shaped like a coffee cup is made with layers of sponge cake with cappuccino buttercream, chocolate glaze with soft mocha buttercream frosting. 

I love that it's light and creamy, with the right amount of sweetness that you'll crave for another slice. 

These new items are available at all Boulangerie22 locations in Manila. Try them now! :)


Boulangerie22 Frais & Authentique
Twitter: @boulangerie22 
Locations are: One Legaspi, Festival Mall, Natividad, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Greenfield, SM
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