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Mornings are Made Better by Kumori's New Breakfast Breads

It is not a secret that I love breakfast. Though I'm not exactly a morning person, I believe that a day should be started with a delicious breakfast, will it be a rice meal, a bowl of cereal, a piece of fruit or bread. For me, I prefer omelettes paired bacon or franks and breads to start my day. 

Kumori Japanese Bakery has recently introduced new items to make our morning brighter:
the Coffee Pan, Wholemeal Muesli and the Tukimi Bun. 

Wholemeal Muesli

The Wholemeal Muesli (Php 50) is a huge soft rolls made from wholemeal grains, a healthy and quite filling option for a simple breakfast.

Tukimi Bun

A personal favorite is the Tukimi Bun (Php 57), a soft muffin cup topped with savory ham and a sunny side up egg. I recommend that you eat the Tukimi Bun warm to enjoy it better. :)

Coffee Pan

If you love coffee, then you'll love the Coffee Pan (Php 42), a soft bun with a thin layer of coffee flavored cookie dough. It will certainly keep you awake and satisfied.

Get these new items at a Kumori branch near you, or have it delivered via Zomato. :)


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