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Changes: 5th Anniversary

Just last week, I was on the other side of the world binge-watching The Layover and Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown when I realized that this blog has turned 5 years old. 

The past year has been full of changes - a change in perspective, a change in priorities, a change in habits, a change of plans. 

This past year, I learned that I should spend more time with people who matters to me. Nothing beats exchanging stories over coffee or dinner with amazing people. 

This past year, I learned that opportunities are endless. This year started my venture with PR and marketing for food businesses. This allows me to open myself to push my boundaries and ignite the student in me by taking courses (yes to online trainings!) and practicing the things I learned along the way. 

This past year, I have learned that sharing my knowledge is essential. It feels wonderful to be able to share my experiences and inspire the younger generation to work hard and be more adventurous. 

This past year, I learned that there will be moments of doubt, there will be moments when I think nobody is reading the blog, but I remember the people I meet and tell me that they read my blog, and that encourages me to keep on sharing my stories and a glimpse of my life to everyone. 

This past year, I have learned that making plans alone is good, but making plans with somebody special is a lot better. 

This past year, I have learned that taking time off is as important as working hard. 

This past year, I have learned to take a step back to keep moving forward. 

Happy 5th Anniversary to me! :)

PS. More surprises soon!


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