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Pamana Restaurant in Tagaytay

One of the places in Tagaytay with the boyfie during our last trip is Pamana Filipino Restaurant, one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

The reception area on the ground floor serves as a shop for kitchenware. Climbing up to the second floor, we were impressed with the owner's family photos adorning the walls. 

We were seated at the veranda, where we enjoyed the picturesque view of the Taal Lake. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon so we were fortunate to have the place for ourselves. 

We had two bowls of soup, Nilagang Bulalo (Php 305 for small, Php 575) and Kansi (Php 305 for small, Php 575 for large). We shared these two soups with garlic fried rice. 

Nilagang Bulalo

I enjoyed the Nilagang Bulalo's soothing hot soup and the tender meat while the boyfie was partial to the Kansi, a tangy and slightly spicy and sour Ilonggo dish which I call the cross between sinigang and bulalo. 

We skipped dessert and had Capeng Barako (Php 60) and Chocolate Ah ni Kuya Anton (Php 75) instead. 

Capeng Barako
Chocolate Ah ni Kuya Anton

We had a wonderful time at Pamana, the staff was quite attentive and the restaurant itself is beautiful. I would love to visit again and try more dishes next time.


Pamana Restaurant
1315 Aguinaldo Highway,
Silang Crossing East,
Tagaytay City

Other locations are Quezon City, Boracay, Makati, and Baguio City