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Datu Puti Adobo Movement Final Challenge at the Mercato Centrale BGC

Adobo is a staple at home, and we really love my mom's version of adobo: a bit sweet, meaty and saucy adobo. I believe that adobo is the most flexible Filipino dish as it can be cooked in any style yet it will always be recognized as adobo. 

The Adobo Movement was launched in 2015 to push for Adobo to be our national dish. Each home, each province, and each region has its own adobo. This movement is also supported by partners Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement (PCHM) and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). 

The Adobo Challenge

To get people more involved in the Datu Puti Adobo Movement this 2016, the advocacy group mounted the Datu Puti Adobo Challenge and gathered Mercato Centrale’s veteran home-based cooks to create their own special Adobo dish. 

Participating food vendors of Mercato Centrale prepared adobo dishes using any type of meat and vegetable, and were marinated in or cooked with at least two of the three main Datu Puti products: vinegar, soy sauce, and patis (fish sauce). 

The top 14 entries were selected based on various criteria, including: creativity of concept, which looks at the story behind the dish as well as originality, branding and cooking technique; innovation, noting the use of unique special ingredients and Datu Puti products; and Philippine culinary heritage, including how it adopts and represents regional cooking styles. 

Here are the Top 14 Finalists of the Datu Puti Adobo Challenge

1. Chicken Adobo with Potato by Good Meal Hunting Halal

Traditional adobo made with chicken breast cuts - healthy and Halal!

2. Adoburger by Hunger Buster

100% pure beef adobo patty burger with kiwi and special sauce. 

3. Adobo ala Cabiao by Chef Bab's Sisig

Sisig-style beef adobo wrapped in an omelette

4. Chicken Adobo on Fire by Good Meal Hunting

Chicken thigh fillets deep fried Korean-style Glazed with adobo sauce fused with Korean chili paste

5. Adobo sa Puti by House of Crispy

A well-known regional twist to the classic adobo, pork cuts cooked in garlic, vinegar and fish sauce. 

6. Pork Humba by Timplador Lechon 

Classic adobo cooked in pineapple juice and pineapple tidbits

7. Clear Fat Ninja Adobo Gyoza by Fat Ninja Gyoza

Leftover pork adobo shredded and stuffed in gyoza wrappers, pan-fried until crispy underneath and chewy on top

8. Adobong Ensalada by Dadding's Kitchenette

A savory salad of adobo flakes, red egg and ripe mangoes. 

This one was my favorite as I really love the sweet and salty combination of the salted eggs, ripe mangoes and the adobo flakes. 

9. Crispy Beef Adobo by Cuisiniers

Makinabang-style beef adobo deep-fried to crispy perfection

10. Four-Way Cooked Chicken Adobo in a Pouch by The Hairstylist's Menu

Shredded chicken boiled in coconut milk and cooked adobo style-wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep-fried. 

Here are the winners:

People's Choice Award: Seafood Adobo by Lariza's

A mix of crab, shrimp and mussels cooked adobo style and topped with cheese

Third Place: Babi Kekap Adobo Nyonya by Bakmi Nyonya

Classic Filipino adobo infused with Indonesian spices. Served with Sambal

Second Place: Pork Adobong Laing Pinangat by Dayrit's

Two Filipino favorites, Adobo and Laing, in one unique and flavorful dish

First Place: Pugon-Smoked Pork Adobo by The Oinkery

Pork shoulder pugon-smoked for 8 hours, glazed with a rich Cebu-style adobo sauce and garnished with fresh manggang hilaw

All Adobo winners were awarded start-up funds in cash, so they could include their winning dishes in the regular Mercato menu. The People’s Choice awardee also received P3,000 worth of Datu Puti goods. 

Join the movement! Sign the petition at this link: 

Read more about the Adobo Movement here:


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