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Delightful Confusion at Carousel Creamery

A stressful day at work led my friends and me to Manila's hottest cold place right now: Carousel Creamery in Greenhills San Juan. 

Carousel Creamery is the only ice cream shop in the metro that sells all 101 flavors at the same time. So yes, for an ice cream enthusiast like me, choosing flavors took a long while. 

We decided to all get Triple Scoops (Php 200) so we can try as many flavors as we can, but let me tell you now that this made our decision more difficult than ever. Flavors range from the classic Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream to weird ones like Beer & Chicharon, Bacon & Cheese, Puto & Cheese, and Tamarind Chili

My final three flavors are NY Cheesecake, Chocolate Almond Fudge, and Bacon & Cheese. My friends' choices were Maple & Bacon, Dark Chocolate Chip, Puto & Cheese, Bailey's, Coffee & Donut, and Dark Side Chocolate.

My scoops! 
my friend's scoops (we have a pattern..)

I really liked the NY Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Chip, Coffee & Donut, Bacon & Cheese, and Puto & Cheese. My only observation is that the ice cream melted easily, probably because of the high dairy content. 

To break the sweetness, we shared a serving of Fries (Php 100). 


I found the serving of the Fries a bit small for the price, but it wasn't too bad. 

Overall, I really had a great time choosing the flavors and sharing it with my friends. The service was excellent, and our server was quite cheerful and helpful. I'm clamoring to go back and try all 101 flavors! Join me? :)


Carousel Creamery
8 Missouri Building
Missouri Street, 
San Juan City
Twitter: @101_flavors