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Deep-Fried Brick Oven Pizza and More at PIPA House Marikina

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

The city of Marikina has grown from being the shoe capital of the country to be one of the most popular foodie spots in the metro. One of the newest additions to Marikina's growing list of restos is PIPA House.

PIPA House or Pizza Pasta House is the first to offer deep-fried pizza crust in the metro (if not, the whole country). The chef and owner, Chef Dondon, got the idea when he worked abroad. The concept of deep-fried pizza crust, he shared with us, started in the UK. 

You can customize your table name. :)

We started with Michael Mojordan (Php 59) and a pitcher of John Lemon (House Blend Iced Tea, Php 99). 

Michael Mojordan
John Lemon

In PIPA House, you can choose to have your brick oven pizza in the traditional thin crust (JusThin Bieber) or fried crust (Amanda SeyFried). 

We had (Php 99) in thin crust and Many Pacquiao (Php 99) in fried crust.

Many Pacquiao is a classic Hawaiian Pizza topped with their Signature PIPA Sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, pineapple, and ham while Many Pacquiao is then topped with their Signature PIPA Sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, mushrooms, olives, onions, garlic, bell pepper, sausage, and ground beef. I was amazed that the pizzas were quite huge for its price. I think pizza is good enough for 3-4 people. It is more impressive that the deep-fried pizza wasn't as greasy as we expected and was still crunchy even after sitting on our table for a while.  

It was highly recommended that we try the PIPA Spice on the pizzas. The PIPA Spice is a mix of special herbs that will enhance the flavor of the pizza. 

For pasta, we got to try the PIPA Pasta (Php 99) and Isla Fisher (Php 99).

PIPA Pasta
Isla Fisher

The PIPA Pasta has the combination of tomato sauce, cream sauce, parmesan, bacon, basil in fettucine while Isla Fisher has olive oil, garlic, tinapa, parmesan, and basil. I love the simplicity of the PIPA Pasta and the combination of tomato and cream sauces worked but I'm partial to Isla Fisher, as I really love aglio olio. A serving of pasta is good for 1-2 persons.

For dessert, we had Kim Kardashian (Php 99), a cookie crust pizza with mini choco kisses with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream and topped with roasted marshmallows. I was really impressed that everything was made from scratch, including the ice cream. 

Kim Kardashian

Creative menu names aside, PIPA House offers ridiculously inexpensive yet surprisingly delicious pizza and pasta. I highly recommend that you try both the deep-fried pizza and the thin crust pizza. PIPA House is a place I wish is near me. I would definitely visit this place again soon. :)

Thanks to PIPA House for having us. 


PIPA House
59 E. Dela Paz Street,
San Roque,
Marikina City
Twitter: @housepipa 


  1. Oh yummy goodies! And the names are funny! I would love to have MOJOrdan and Kim Kardashian :D



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