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BurgerPub at The Grove by Rockwell

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

My friend and I have recently tried this new burger place at The Grove by Rockwell named BurgerPub, which opened early this year. 

Unlike the usual burger places that I go to, BurgerPub strikes me more as a pub than a burger restaurant. As much as I want to have some beers with my burger, I'm really more of a burger-and milkshake person, so we stuck with getting just the burgers. 

For starters, we shared a plate of Belgian Frites (Php 190).

Belgian Frites

Because of the price, I was expecting something more elaborate but we were served something a bit ordinary. Anyway, I love fries so it wasn't so bad. 

For burgers, I ordered a Pub Original (Php 345) while my friend had Mushroom (Php 365). Each burger has 170-gram imported beef on freshly-baked buns.

Pub Original and Mushroom

Pub Original has BurgerPub's original sauce with caramelized onions and sharp cheddar while Mushroom has aioli, fresh button mushrooms, and sharp cheddar. I love the flavor and the tenderness of the burger patty. However, I found the sizes too small for its price. 

The service is excellent and the ambiance is good enough, however, I found their prices too steep that I wished I went to the nearby ramen place where I can spend the same amount yet be more satisfied. 


Unit 101
The Grove by Rockwell
117 E. Rodriguez Avenue Jr., 
Pasig City